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Purple Moon by JCPablo Purple Moon :iconjcpablo:JCPablo 2 1 Oblivion by JCPablo Oblivion :iconjcpablo:JCPablo 4 3 Scarecrow of Arkham by prettymountain Scarecrow of Arkham :iconprettymountain:prettymountain 336 46
Raven:Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Oh Great
Twelve feet from the ground! I was gonna' die! SMACK! My face hit the top of a van. I never gripped on it so I flipped over the side, barely getting ahold of the edge.
As soon as I had a grip on the edge, I pulled myself up. Not noticing the street sign right above the van. WACK! I got smacked in the face by the metal sign. I felt my cheeks bubble up, and instantly turn red. Then I flew off the back.
As I flew down, the back of the van opened. Inside were police officers! One of them grabbed my arm. She pulled me in and closed the back. WOOF!
Inside the back of the van things were flying around everywhere.  Because of how high of a speed it was going.
"You okay kid?" asked the officer. Then I noticed a guy tied to a chair in the middle back of the van. He looked knocked out.
Ignoring her I said, "who's he?" pointing to the guy in the middle.
"A super criminal." She replied. Then he came to life! He was fighting the bonds in the chair!
"Restrain him!" one o
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 3 2
Yep I'm lazy...
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 1 3
So you Run
So you run.
You run away.
Somewhere far.
Far away.
I know you're sad.
Very sad.
That I've done this.
I've done this to you.
I'm stupid.
I know I am.
Yes I am.
And you run.
Run far away.
Cause you're sad.
Yes you're sad.
That I've done this.
Done this to you.
I'm dumb.
Yes I am.
You and me,
Know I am.
So run.
Just run away.
So far.
That I'll never
See you.
See you.
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 2 14
Arkham City Criminal Records by zolofft1215 Arkham City Criminal Records :iconzolofft1215:zolofft1215 50 7
The Brats
They act all cool.
And make the girls drool.
I call em' the brats.
Cause their nasty like rats.
Spitting out words.
Like annoying birds.
Picking on me.
Driving me CRAZY!
They get you mad.
So you're the newest fad.
They got their own rules,
And most of em' are tools.
They ruin lives.
They make people become one of those who dies.
You gotta' dread.
Or else you'll be dead.
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 4 3
Where ever you go.
What ever you do.
I'll be right here waiting for you.
Where ever you fly.
Oh so high.
I'll be waiting down here for you.
Oh yes it's true.
That's how much I love you.
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 3 25
Bubblez by JCPablo Bubblez :iconjcpablo:JCPablo 2 4
The Stairs
Up the stairs we walk.
We do not dare talk.
They watch us with bloodshot eyes.
Nd' wait till' one of us dies.
Lickin' their red lips.
While thinkin' of some tricks.
Waitin' for the right time.
To flip the dime.
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 2 9
Raven Chapter: 8
Chapter 8: Misery
"You do?" asked Jessica.
"Yeah, he goes to my school." I answered.
"Well that's weird." Said Jessica. That was the last word she said. Before we got inside her apartment.
She placed the key in the hole and slowly turned it. Click! The door flung open. I've never been in Jessica's apartment before. It kind of shocked me that everything was nice and clean. Even though it was barely visible through the house. Since it's night.
"So where am I sleepin'?" I said.
Jessica pointed to the couch. "There."  Then she set down her purse, and walked inside a room.
I looked around the apartment. To my left was a kitchen, filled with pots and pans.  And to the right was an average couch, with a big t-v in front of it.  Then I heard rummaging. Jessica appeared.
"Oh yeah, you can watch the t-v just don't buy anything on demand." She informed  me.
I nodded, and she walked back inside the room. I started to think about what I did. How could I have
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 3 4
Raven:Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Raven Rises
After he left I thought about if I was going to be a super hero. Or a super villain. If I was a hero, I'd always have to save people. But if I was a villain I didn't have to. I grinned.
But it seems as I think about this longer, no choice is good. Each one has its faults. I looked up at the stars. Me and my mom used to point out what we saw. My mom…
I heard a bullet from the street down below. Then I walked over to the edge, and looked at the scene. Four men were armed with guns, inside a little shop.
I had to stop them.  Next I dived off the ledge.  I was flying high speed towards the shop when I crashed through the windows. Landing behind a shelf.
"What was that?!" yelled one of them.
"Go check the entrance." Responded another.
-Bad Reputation – Joan Jett-
I jumped out from behind the shelf, and tried to kick him in the face. He responded by grabbing my foot, and flipping me over on the ground. Ouch…
"I got ya' now!" he said.
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 3 8
Raven:Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Things to Come
"Oh, that vigilante on the news…Pfft." Joker put his gun down, and leaned against the wall.
Phobia nodded. "Yes, now let her go." His voice was kinda' creepy.
Joker laughed. "You heroes… Thinking negotiation, fixes everything."
"You're gonna' be sorry." His voice sounded demonic.
"Uhh… Nice sound effects." Joker laughed again.
All of a sudden the roof of the building ripped off! Above was a huge orange vortex.
"J-j-j-o-k-e-r…" I studdered.
"Seems like he's using fear toxin." Joker sighed.
"Oh, it's better than fear toxin." Phobia was even more demonic.
"JOKER!" I screamed as Phobia enlarged, and grabbed Joker.
"Time to feel the real feeling of fear." Said Phobia
"Oh boy! This better be a good one!"
Then the ground started to break, chunks flew off. Until it was just me. Stuck in this chair. "Joker!"
"What honey?"
I got a little mad at that comment. "Shoot me free! I think I can save you!"
Joker thought for a moment then pulled out a pistol
:iconjcpablo:JCPablo 3 16


Hey guys
If any of you have the time, could you please fill out this survey I made for my Games Design BTEC?
I need the number of responses in the double-digits.
  • Listening to: Miracle of Sound
  • Reading: Attack on Titan: Volume 14
  • Watching: Television
  • Playing: The Last of Us
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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