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FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
"Stock images are images that are posted somewhere with the express intent that it may be used by other artists in their own artwork. Use of these images in this fashion are subject to the artist's license, which may or may not require the payment of fees.

The use of stock imagery at deviantART is permissible if and only if you can provide a link to the source of the stock image along with some kind of proof that you have satisfied the terms of the stock image license.

Please be aware that not all websites are considered legitimate stock imagery resources. Only the legal owner of the imagery has the ability to offer the work as a stock resource- if the 'stock' website includes images taken from print or film, or includes photographs featuring celebrities or supermodels then you may rest assured that it is not a valid resources site.
Also be aware that the lack of obvious copyright information does not imply that the imagery is free for use. "

"Artists who fail to adhere to these rules and who consistantly submit third party materials without the knowledge or permission of the proper owner of the materials will receive administrative action. This may include removing your artwork from deviantART, the possible purging of your Gallery and Scrapbook, and the possible banning of your account with or without prior warning."

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
"Stock Photos on DeviantART are Royalty Free, which means you can do as you wish with them, apart from resubmit the same image, without modifications and claim it as yours. Using them as photo manips or anything else is ok, however, it IS encouraged to place a link to the creator of the original stock image in your description so they get credit for it."

Please Read FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

FAQ #204: If my print contains an image that isn't mine, can I still use it for print?
"No, Prints needs conformation from the original image owner before it can be used as a print in an image you create. Please have the owner of the image being used contact prints-permission@deviantart.com confirming permissions to use the image. Artists' permissions can be sent to prints-permission@deviantart.com"
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I just created a stock account for myself, and I agree with you 100% ultimately it's your work that you are "lending" to people, if you want to impose rules then you are perfectly within your rights to do so.
In fact you made me think, in particular your restriction on manips that contain sexual themes, I hadn't even thought about people using my stock for that.
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Yeah, I hadn't either. So far I haven't had anyone try. I've had them put naked people on my backgrounds, and I just tell them that I like it, but I'm not going to fav it because I want to keep my favs pg rated. But yeah, I found that on some girl's stock rules, and decided to add it to mine. Then when somebody used my stock for a Tarrot card, I was like..... woah, I don't really want my stuff associated with any religious/spiritual things. Then somebody used my stock for a very USA patriotic thing... and again, I was like.... No way. I don't support any nation over another, don't want that either.
So that's how those rules came into existance
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Well - while I think your rules are extremely restrictive...and dont understand the mindset...

Its your right to manage your art and your stock as you so choose. I dont understand the mentality of someone who cant respect that. Even though its likely I wont be using your stock (because of the work that I have planned - I am Native American and follow the spiritual path of my people and yes, I have also been a practicing Solitary Witch/Shaman for many moons [I am 39]...and right now I am coming up with ideas that follow up on the beliefs, practises and philosphy of my people...I have my beliefs and you have yours and thats cool...live and let live I say...) - it still doesnt prevent me from watching you and appreciating what you do.

Having said that, vkacademy (whom I also watch) makes very valid points. I would propose that there is a tremendous difference between art and reality. Most reasonable people can look at a work of art and not associate anything personal to the persons in it. Im sure you have your own personal beliefs which are very strong indeed - hence the rules - but take it as a compliment on one level that your photographs are inspiring people and are utilised. But again - I respect the fact that someone else's inspiration might not be your cup of tea...

Dont let a 14-year old that obviously has a lot of growing up to do make you do something as rash and extreme as take your gallery down. Doing that serves no purpose and in the end he/she wins. If you are being harassed there is a group here that can help with that. And they are very effective at sorting out haters in a positive, reasonable fashion.



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I thank you for your kind consideration. And even though our faith's are not the same, I have been able to enjoy some Native American artwork. I do not believe in forcing religious beliefs onto others, in the same manner, I don't want other people using my stock to put their religious, or political beliefs in. The safest place to be is neutral.
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I net is a grand and glouriuos place. Yet it does come with risks. With that - Don't allow the bastards to win! :angered: You have friends here that will back you up. If you find some one is stealing just let us know. I would like it if you hang around, your a joy! :D
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I love your stuff, but do what you think you must. You're very creative when it comes to poses and area's to take shots. So I do thank you for your service.
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[link] you know ive been looking for that the face i used for this piece for 3 days now so i can credit .
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