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Hi guys,
  My family of 5 recently got evicted from our home. I'm trying to take commissions and small jobs here and there to save up for first/last/security for a new home. I'd like to add some custom stock packs or stock requests if anyone would like to donate towards my Go Fund Me. Anything is appreciated! Here is the link:…

By downloading, storing, or using any of my stock, you must read and agree to my rules and the rules of 

Thank you for using my stock. I once was very active on DA, but for the past 5 years I have been working full time as a photographer, and have been raising 3 wonderful children, and am very active in the body painting community in Central Florida. This takes up the majority of my time. So please accept my apologies for not responding right away. I do want to see your artwork, so please keep creating and sharing with me! I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into your art, keep up the great work!

Love, Daniella

:::: |Della-Stock's Abbreviated Terms and Conditions|::::

1. Link to Della-Stock and/or the image URL in the description of your deviation

When using stocks outside of deviantART, please give credit to Daniella Koontz or Koontz Photography

2. Please send me a link to your deviation

3. Hate art is not tolerated on DeviantART or by me

For more information, please read my Terms and Conditions

............................... FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.............................

USE on OTHER WEBSITES or for SCHOOL PROJECTS: YES, you may post your manipulations/traditional art on other websites, or use them for school projects with credit and links. You may credit Daniella Koontz or Koontz Photography & Design. My website address is and my e-mail is

ROLEPLAYING SITES: YES, you may use landscape/animal/nature/objects etc. You may not use my model stocks on any roleplaying sites or in things like DevSecret. If you ask permission, I will not answer you.

PRINTS: I give full permission for artists to make prints of THEIR artwork containing my manipulated stocks or that have referenced my stocks


Please feel free to :+fav: my stock to help spread it's use

::: |DeviantART's FAQ about Stock Art|:::

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?
I return after a year of being dormant as a stock artist. seems like this great new feature. Yet it won't give me previews, and it won't show thumbnails of any of the newly submitted stuff. I am aggravated beyond belief.... which is what caused me to go on my year hiatus from this site! GRRRR And on my art page, all the thumbnails come out in jacked up colors due to DA removing my color profiles. So I have all this great stock and all this great artwork, but who knows if I am even going to bother to continue sharing it here.
April 2010

Faceless illustration by AtreJane The Azalea Gambit by elcrazy Supposed to be a happy day... by Orange-Castle
The Power of Dreams by tabsquared Fell Down a Hole by SafetyInNumbness aMomentWithMyBestfriend by mevillarosa :thumb159925441:

March 2010

Aradia by cemac :thumb157230087: Imaginary land by Momotte2 Android by revn89 :thumb156458452: :thumb155958937: DREAMLAND by p32n

February 2010

:thumb152526031: After the Rain by violscraper Theatre by Justine1985 Mermaid by MagpieMagic Amazing Travels by 91Bartimeus Fire and Ice by SunFlowerButterfly :thumb152763967: Closer 12 by agent032
Spirit of Swan Lake by ReQuay :thumb154178410: Blizzard by waterdropjlc WildIron by PatyFreitas
La doncella i els cignes by EmberRoseArt Trigger by ABVH Little Wing by Queen-Uriel the little mermaid by seth-macbeth The Gatekeeper by incognito22

January 2010

:thumb150702723: cat woman by soloeffect:thumb152224771: Everything o.k. down there ? by agoptional Rockabilly Mommy by chrissy261 CircusEater-ID by Capricuario Rawr by slytherin-girl Digging out the past by dilarosa Vision Quest, 9th Moon by nine9nine9 DA by pamanjee
Strawberry Dreams by B-Keks Sibilance by MoonsongWolf
In the bubble...Ponyo contest by miss-mustang Obey Your Mother by xilithor

December 2009

:thumb146949469: Mommy... dinner guests by Taborda08 Scream Machine V1 by sickNails
Jacked Up by fotophi Happy Days by TaladarkieJJ Ophelia in Moonlight by SarahJosephine

November 2009

I Dream of a Brighter Future by CameoFX Cold thought by magrib How to Disappear Completely 3 by lgrayart machined by Kalven  
Fishing For Colour by engaged-vacancy Bridal Road by Dragon-Kiss Inner Peace by xeena-dragonkizz machined by Kalven :thumb142766029:

October 2009

Barnstorming Betty, Alt by nine9nine9 The Pharaoh's Gift by cemac
The Might of Poseidon by violscraper
Not my cup of tea by nitchwarmer Countess of the Clink by Filmchild Create by cs-negativ

September 2009

The Beautiful Serenity. by Raiiiny
:thumb142847967: must go on... by Kebehut :thumb136384765:
Entia and Lucian by Nikkayla amazing moment by hgrivera :thumb135580813:

August 2009

Higher Seas by Eafiu Art Trade - 1pen by ShatteredSwords incubus by virag0
Summer by PinkyPinkee Cold and Hot by Blizz-Art :thumb133646660: Flora by MarjoleinART

April 2009

Super hero: Radiance by susieecool fairytale and castle by CyberRed21 :thumb59524958: The Power of Innocence by carpenoctem410 Eternal Beauty by zaroen02 Cyborg by thevioletduchess Our little paradise .... by Hanakiraboshi Not alone by irinama :thumb116039192: :thumb118772261: Symmetric inquisition by Apachennov Giraffe Basemesh by JonathanFesmire

March 2009

ocean tides by ladyroll Trouble Come This Morning by Johnnyistdeyummy When they are silent, they cry by goofymne :thumb115183802: :thumb113971902: Imagination by silverin87 :thumb116857603: Forbidden Fruit by ModestManiac Moonlight Bath by BlackDelphin :thumb117530199: Secret Agents by mindylu32

February 2009

:thumb111599105: the awakening by ChrisKora :thumb114292887: one silent moment by erdmute Dreams of Flight by captain-emerald :thumb114514062: The Planets - Uranus by InertiaRose Machine Screw by PinkyPinkee Wishing love by ArtbyValerie Broken by taasia City Shades 2009 by Telliria :thumb112621290: Alkonost by CamoWing Gaze by The-Gwyllion Undersea love by ArtByRiana Friday 13th by mtbjoern

January 2009
Frost Maiden by mkrz69 :thumb111221187: :thumb111233589: Dont married without love by Feh-Lipe Rose Goddess by away-with-the-fae White witch by starxdust Reach by emilieleger Austian Flame vs Ice Mistral by ScorpiusRisk Grown by Fea-Fanuilos fishing by adypetrisor Batgirl's Agony by uncannyphantom Winter Angel by MercuriusNeko :thumb109542649: Another Day In Paradise -Edit- by Senelfy
:thumb110977758: Beyond the Clock by Azenor The Enigmatic Mermaid by LeeAnneKortus Druid and her Daemon by CearaFinn Phobia by Wildfire2003
Violet by ShatteredSwords :thumb110774330: Just one your wish by Mystka :thumb109668799: :thumb108998881:

<a href=\"…\">Older</a>


Prior to using my stock, please be familiar with DeviantART's FAQ rules, mainly
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
"The use of stock imagery at deviantART is permissible if and only if you can provide a link to the source of the stock image along with some kind of proof that you have satisfied the terms of the stock image license."  

:pointr:1. Link to me in the description.
(It can be a link to the original picture, a link to my icon, or both.)

:pointr:2. Link your deviation back here.
(Preferably on the page of the picture you used, but anything will do.)

:pointr:2. DO NOT message me asking for permission to use non-model stocks anywhere. Read below-I don't really care what you do or where you use it, just give credit and let me see it!.

Need help linking? FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

:bulletred: Please remember: These photos are submitted for your use, not for you to take and resubmit as your own photographs. All deviations using my stock that are submitted to the photomanipulation gallery should be altered in such way that it is clear you have used techniques other than a filter and/or alteration in the color of the original :bulletred:

:pointr:3. Restrictions: I really don't care what you do, but I don't like and will not fav:

Sexually erotic creations: These include sexual positions or fetish manipulations containing nudity

Religious Manipulations of any sort (including spiritualism, witchcraft, or holidays)

Political Campaigns or collages: This means no voting, abortion demonstrations, womens lib, 9/11 memorials, anti-war, pro-war, "the USA (or any other country) is great" type of things

R-rated Gore: I don't enjoy being associated with over the top gore and bloody horror. Silly vampires or crime scenes are acceptable (please browse my favorites)

DevSecret: please, I do not want my model stocks associated with your secrets. Most submissions aren't even artistic, I do not like the idea of my art being copied with text written over it.

Hate Art: Please do not use my stock for artwork that depicts hatred for any particular race, religion, celebrity, or use my stock to show hatred for or to insult my friends or I.

Please Read FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

Redistributed You may not, under any circumstances distribute or publish my stocks under any other user-name or on any other website. You may not use my stocks in conjunction with other stocks to create "New" background stock (If you have a great idea, feel free to request special permission)

:pointr:Where: Just remember, these stock photos are free to use ANYWHERE.  They can be used in photo manipulations, paintings, references, ect.

MODEL STOCKS: I do not have model releases for third party sites, so please keep in mind that model stock should stay on DeviantART. If they are stocks of me, you can use them anywhere with credit

Use of Landscape/Animal/Nature/Object/Texture stock: feel free to post your manipulations/traditional art on other websites (like Flickr, Ponybox, personal websites) with credit and links

:bulletblue:For DA Avatars/IDs/Stamps: You may use your manipulations of my stock in your avatar if you also submit it as a deviation with the appropriate credit given in the description. Please do not use my model stocks for your ID.... We are not you :)

:bulletblue:For Blog/Website Layout: I will allow my stock photos to be used under these conditions.
1. You must follow the usual rules about linking when posting on DA.
2. You MUST put a copyright symbol along with Daniella Koontz and the url of the photo used or of my page ON the photo being used for the blog.

:bulletblue:On DeviantART CSS: Please provide a credited linkback to my stock site if you use my stock in your CSS journal layout

:bulletblue:Prints: If you use my stock and would like to sell it in prints (on DA or off DA), DO IT! Let me know if you need a model release form.

:bulletblue: For COMMERCIAL USE, For use in commercial work (besides selling prints of manipulated/painted etc work) compensation must be discussed before use.

By using my stock and posting it on DeviantART, you agree to let me use your image for blogs, icons, and as a wallpaper for my computer

::: |DeviantART's FAQ about Stock Art|:::

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

Its okay to :+fav: stock. It helps make it more popular and used. So please support the art you use, and fav it!

Stock Use Feature

Lady by Blizz-Art A Question Of Heaven by Asgard-Raven Serenity by ajrsmomma07 Daydreams by CindysArt :thumb80279950: Owlet by Kivuli Bleeding heart by CindysArt Tiger Tiger... by Yuuki-Kitsune Duel on the Docks by hever :thumb64320045: :thumb87966287: Rebirth 2.0 by mrkillabee All You Need Is Love by WingedAngelSerenity

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Stock Use Features: By Month

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2009, 5:58 PM

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Just a few features that I found to be unique or of excellent quality. I've only picked out a few for each month, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

December 2008

Lonely Christmas by kaze9th :thumb107199671: atlantis by nicolsche :thumb106604339: :thumb106559712: Puzzle Extinct by EltonFernandes :thumb105858765: Omerta by blOntj :thumb105551087: Favorite Pastime by prismadragonfly :thumb105341359: Package by dumbelek :thumb105892958: :thumb105926604:

November 2008

137 by sonboss The World Beneath by drkangelkitty :thumb103237510: :thumb103500228: to the upper world by LVAMPAR Mirror by Shikana34 World of Dreams by Magical-Dust Ready For Battle by oibyrd Going to hell by valkiria-art Raven by UnbalancedWasher Industrial Horizon 1 by daspope Escape house by logtr Underwater Orca by jessijoke Noir by LuLebel Storm by FraNz85 :thumb102379243:

October 2008

:thumb100023479: Exploration by supmaite :thumb102166315: mother nature by ribcage-menagerie