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How do you survive the world alone?
You lie,
To yourself.
You tell yourself
You choose to be alone,
You don't need them,
They're beneath you,
More trouble than they're worth,
You could join them if you wanted to.
And sometimes you believe it.
You become apathetic,
Hateful even,
Of everyone,
But mostly,
If you're honest,
You put on this act,
This one man show,
Just for you,
Just to delude yourself.
And sometimes you believe it.
And sometimes you almost feel alive.
But then you remember it,
The truth.
That you didn't reject them,
That they rejected you.
This knoweledge,
This pain,
Always gnawing,
Is always just below the surface.
And it hurts,
And it's ubearable,
And you don't want it.
But it's always there.
And so you act,
And you lie,
And you delude yourself.
And sometimes you believe it.
And sometimes you almost feel alive.
But mostly,
You just feel empty.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 1 0
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Instance of Our Lives
One beat,
One moment,
One more grain of sand
In the hourglass.
Seems so insignificant,
So small,
Yet precious beyond belief.
In a single frame
Rests a precious memory
Some are sad,
Some are happy,
But all are important,
All have value,
All make up who we are.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
Victory and the Struggle
Sweet success,
A validation of existence,
A sense of accomplishment,
Giving meaning to the struggle.
Being given meaning by the struggle.
Perhaps the victory has no meaning.
Perhaps it is how we got it,
What we had to do,
The pain we felt,
The strength we had to use,
The stress of the challenge,
That gives meaning to our win.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
Carry On
Though dead is the body,
Passed on is the soul,
I am still here,
The memories live with me,
Thus preserving the person,
To look back at in times of need,
To reminisce of in times of joy,
Never to lament,
For they're still with me here,
I carry them with me always.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
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Just a Peaceful Image
In a field of snow white flowers
The wind whispers a gentle melody
Reminding us of lullabies
And simpler times.
In the middle there is a girl
Her dress pure and white,
Dancing to the tune,
Spinning and twirling,
Twirling and spinning
With the flowers and the wind.
Even the stars,
Far above in the moonlit sky,
Join the dance,
The simple enchanting dance,
In which time stands still to watch.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
You want the world to be fair?
Do you even know what that means?
You think it means that everyone gets loved,
That we all get what we want?
You're wrong
Fair is everyone suffering the same,
Fair is everyone having the same opportunity to fail,
Fair is everyone being equally poor,
Fair is a world indiscriminately hostile.
Because guess what,
This is a harsh world,
And that's not going to change,
Especially in your fair world.
This world may not be fair,
But I still get a chance if I fight for it,
Same as you.
If I put in my all and don't surrender to anything
Then maybe,
Just maybe,
I'll get my chance to shine,
To be more,
To rise above all my pain and sorrow.
So you keep on wishing for your phantasm,
I'm going to chase after my dream.
Even if I fail,
I'll keep going no matter how unfair it gets,
I can still win,
So retire to your delusions,
I'm going to get something real.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
Mature content
Image of a Broken World :icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
Ride a Shooting Star
See that gleam across the sky,
How about instead of wishing,
We ride that shooting star?
Why rely on fate,
Or request help through prayer,
When we can do it ourselves?
By our own hands,
We can catch that star,
Saddle it,
And ride it across the midnight blue.
Why impose on deities,
Or leave it to the dice?
We can do it ourselves,
On our own legs,
We can reach that star,
Chase it down,
Then we'll ride across the dark night ocean.
We don't need to rely on others,
Our own ability is enough,
We can ride that shooting star.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0
Dream World
Greetings from Elfland,
Wonderland says hello,
Neverland shakes you warmly by the hand.
Welcome to the Dream World,
The one existing after dark.
It brings to life your thoughts,
And sets aloft your hopes.
Tis a paradise they say,
Where anything can happen,
The most fanciful fancy,
Becomes simply commonplace.
But beware,
Under the surface of the night,
The soft blanket of dark,
Lurk things that go bump in the night.
But fear not,
They are but shades of our own minds,
Leeching power from our hearts,
That fear of yours they need.
Constructed from subconscious,
Your will will banish them,
Deny them the fear,
And they pale before the courage.
Now holding tight to it all,
Walk across the threshold,
We wish you a good night.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 1 0
I'm the Cheshire Cat
Crazy as a loon,
Fill 'em up with pills,
Cure 'em of their ills.
Forced to live the lie,
Can't live the truth,
Ya' gotta be normal,
but ya' can't,
'Cause there is no normal,
'Cause normal is the lie.
You see,
Truth is,
He's crazy,
She's crazy,
You're crazy,
I'm crazy,
We're all mad as hatters,
Just ask the Cheshire cat.
This very world is crazy,
So why're you hiding from the truth,
'Cause it really doesn't matter,
Since everything is crazy,
Since it's all off its rocker,
Since none of it's on meds,
Since it doesn't even care.
So embrace the truth,
You are the Hatter.
:icondelinquentdeego:DelinquentDeego 0 0


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I had planned on posting something over my vacation and spent that being excessively lazy, which turned out to be the right way to spend it, seeing how busy I am now with school. None of it's hard but it's like I finish one assignment and realize there's another that needs doing.

Anyway I obviously missed out on wishing everyone a happy New Year when it was more appropriate so I guess I'll just hope that everyone has enjoyed their first month of the year. Mine's been relatively uneventful outside of school but that's okay, I'm still settling back into the idea of being a student I guess.

I plan to upload a lot more this year, especially writing. The goal is at least one item a week, every Sunday. It might be small, it might be large, but I want to put something up here each week regardless. I might post more often if I can, but that's the goal. Which means I have some catching up to do since I appear to be behind by three weeks or so.

Also I seem to get very little feedback, like none. This is a little saddening. I would love to see some feedback, even if it's just to point out the flaws in my work. It's kind of hard to know if I'm doing things well if no one will tell me. So please if you can leave a comment.
  • Listening to: water flowing through my turtle viquarium
  • Reading: textbooks and online lectures
  • Watching: text fill up my screen
  • Playing: with the idea of something that isn't schoolwork
  • Eating: fairly well at the moment
  • Drinking: tea, and wishing it had more caffeine


United States
For those who care the name is pronounced Dā-ā'-gō
No that's not my real name

I live somewhere with the smell of oranges and I hope that never changes
I listen to a lot of different music, not sure I know the names of all the genres
I love stylized cartoon styles
Currently using a PC running XP (though the OS is subject to change soon)
My favorite characters of all time are the Cheshire Cat (Alice's Adventures in Wonderlan) and Haruko (FLCL)
There's more to say but "That's besides the point"


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