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The Evolution Of King Dedede

King Dedede is the best character to come from kirby and smash bros ever.King Ddede icon 1Dedede LaughingKing Dedede icon 2Dedede laughing 2DedederpIcon: King Dedede Rape Face 
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This is why I love him

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Why is eye bulging so friggin funny? XD
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this is a high quality meme. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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We need a game dedicated to our King Dedede ASAP!!!!!!!

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Nothing has really changed to our king
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Dedede Laughing Icon: King Dedede Rape Face Kirby_Icon_Neutral bewilderment - King Dedede - King Dedede icon 2 Dedede laughing 2 LOLing King DeDeDe Emoticon Scared for Life King Dedede Scared for Life King Dedede Icon: Poorly Drawn Dedede Jump-roping King BBB [Emote] King Dedede eats a bag of infinity chips SBB Icons (King Dedede) Dedederp Icon: Surely You Jestin Kirby RTDL - King Dedede Commercial Icon KPR-King Dedede Doodle Sticker [Emote] Where are mah chips? [Dedede intenstifes] DededeLaugh I can't think of a title Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - King Dedede Icon Super Mario Maker: King Dedede 'Wot' Dedede Emoticon King Dedede freaks out... butt hurt king dedede Kirby Star Allies - Shadow Buff Dedede Kirby Star Allies - King Dedede Kirby Star Allies - King Dedede Greatly Disturbed Tiff Icon 
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He is still surprised that Adeleine is still a thing
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I question adeleines existace every day
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you thought you'd get K Rool for smash bros but IT WAS ME! DEDEDE! Demento.dio Icon: King Dedede Rape Face 
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DIODIODIO the new king.
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King Dedede is deaddeaddead now
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This is why Nintendo ruined him.
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