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Hey all!

I'm sorry for being so inactive on DA. For some reason the last couple years I prefer posting WIPs on Instagram, and more recent digital works on Redbubble. I'll get at least some of the new ones up on DA too so everyone can enjoy them. <3 Haha, famous last words. >___<

So far I'm doing well, just busy as usual. Dealing with some extended family upheaval, and it doesn't bode well for long term. That has partially drained me energy and inspiration wise, but its gradually getting better. I'm better at accepting that this is the new normal, and still working on moving on. Conflict shows where the weaknesses are, and how to get stronger for the long haul. :)

Gallery wise, I've taken a few original country landscape paintings to be sold. The gallery owner gave her input of the kinds of works she would like to see in future, and also some additional "artist homework" to do.  Writing for art stuff has been difficult for me. Especially Art Bios and Artist Statements. Why can't I say it's just something that "makes me happy" and done with it? >_< BLAH!!!!!  Anyway, I'm going to do a watercolor demo at the gallery on the 27th for an open house, and the small town that advertises area artists wants to advertise me too. Weeee~~~

Redbubble wise, So far I've made 2 sales, which is pretty amazing considering me and online sales success has been pretty much zero. Granted, it's the same I'm taking the hint to make more dog's in space. ;p Got any favorite breeds of dogs you'd like to see? Let me know!

And now for the quirky news!…
It's the kind of April fools joke, where it's actually 100% true: I am going to be a guest artist at Animeiowa 2019. :)
I never really dreamed about being a guest at a convention, but I guess there's a first time for everything! I wish I was a little more famous tho for the honor, but hey, I'll roll with it.

I'm still trying to figure out the issues of what kind of panels I can host. So far I have it narrowed down to "How to draw faster", "Art Jam", and an Artist Shenanigans panel with two of my favorite art buddies :iconakiameko: and :iconvickyviolet:. If you guys have any suggestions on the kinds of panels you'd like to see from me, please let me know. ;)

Soooo yeah! If you're going to AI this year, You'll see me around. ;P

Hope all of you are staying well, and are creating many beautiful pictures of your own!


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Hey guys and gals!

So I've finally taken the time to upload some speed paints of recent drawings on youtube. So if you're needing some time to relax and just watch someone doodle, these links are for you:

I'm also open for critique on how to make my speed paint videos better. :) Hope everyone is doing well, and staying well~

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So I'm trying to get back into the groove of making speedpaint videos. The most recent one I've made is of my recent self portrait for 2018. Granted it is of my face, and my face is face (not all that exciting).

It's drawn in photoshop CS4 in about an hour and 45 min (movie is sped up to 13min). It's a full screen capture, so if you want to watch the clock in the bottom right hand corner to have a general idea as to how fast I draw in a min to 10 min, there you go. :P

Someday I'll do a "how to draw fast tutorial". Just not sure when. Life likes to get in the way. D:

ALSO! I would appreciate feedback on how to do videos. I'm pretty much a noob at making video's (of any kind) and I'd appreciate 3 comments of what worked, and 3 suggestions of what I could do better. :)  Thankies~

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Hey y'all!

Wow, It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on whats happening in my life (August was your last update. And that was like...8 months ago) time flies....

Honestly, everything is okay here. Seriously. Mom's treatments have finished, and the crazy hubbub of doctors appointments have dwindled down to whenever mom feels up to a blood test. Mom's white and red cell count still remains below normal, probably due to stress, so who knows when those numbers will improve. Otherwise, life is pretty good. <3

My pun skills have gotten better...or worse. Depending on my mood. I tend to spout more puns, the more tired I am. xD

ANYWAY! A brighter side to my 2018 year, I finally decided to try a new experiment back in March (because Artists are mini scientists). A very nice couple from my church have been wanting to sell my artwork in their gallery for a number of years (at least 3), but I wasn't really ready to do the kind of artwork they were asking for. Amish Paradise? No thank you.

After a lot of inner debate, weighing pros/cons etc... I worked on a couple "country" watercolor paintings and took them to their gallery, and they ecstatically accepted them into their gallery. They were also so gracious to give me feedback as to what kind of things sell the best in their store. Hopefully I will be able to use that information to my advantage with future works.
So art kids, if you try to get into a gallery to sell your artwork, pay attention to what the store owner says that sells. :3

So far now, I only have 4 postcard designs in their store. I need to get some larger prints made, but I keep getting preoccupied with other projects (like commissions, work, etc). Ugh, I really do need to make a better effort to get those prints made...

I can cross that off my bucket-list: Get into a gallery. Done. Hahahahah, and my art school was wrong! I didn't have to write an artist statement at alllll. :P (or not yet at least...)

But yeah, thats my good news for the year. Wow 2018 is so much better than 2017 so far. :3

I think I've updated all the important points of whats going on...otherwise I'm alive, kicking, and arting. Just not at the same time. :P

Anywho! I hope all of you are well, and are embracing whatever life brings your way~ Till next time guys and gals!

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Hello lovelies!

Yikes! Has it really been 6 months since I've written last? Time really flies. I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to write. Life and all it's responsibilities tend to eat up my time now. :/

 Everything has been going well (mostly) minus a few ups and downs along the way.  But that's to be expected ne?
First of all, even though I haven't been posting much on DA, I am still doing art.  Kind hard to stop. Lol, I just might not be as prolific as I would like to be....  I do have a number of projects to upload, so I will upload them when I have the time or inclination. Some are multiple drawing projects that I would have to compile into a single image. But who has the time.....not me. lol
Just so that you guys know...I did have a setback in April where my art usb corrupted itself and I had to redraw some images. So that's part of the reason why I haven't posted much, minus the dreaded reason of " being busy ". So let my mistake be your reminder, BACK UP YOUR ARTWORK IN MULTIPLE PLACES! :D You have been warned.

Mom is doing much better. She finished Chemotherapy in June, had her mastectomy at the beginning of July, and is now a couple weeks into Radiation. She's looking forward to being done with all this cancer treatments, and to be able to move on with life.
I don't blame her. We are both tired that a good chunk of our days off keep getting eaten up by doctors visits.  :/

Thats all I got for now. I'm gonna look through my projects and try to post a few lovely projects.


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Greetings from the hiatus!

It's been awhile since I've updated my deviantart journal. There's a number of things going on, but hey that's life. It could be better, it could be worse. Just going with the flow and hoping things doesn't get worse.

So lets get down to buisness... (to defeat the huns!
Art wise, I'm fairly productive. In January I came up with some art related goals for 2017. It took one month to not completely follow it, sooo it's more of an art goal/guideline for the year. If you are ever wanting to make your own goals for art, you can look at my 2017 "art goals":

GOAL work on 10 projects a month (haha, I'm doing good if I get to 5)
note: each goal cannot buddy up with another goal. Example: drawing a realistic commission can only cover realism or commission.
2 Images for AI
2 Chibis (Project in mind for upcoming conventions)
1 commission (Cuz they pile up after awhile and I want them done)
1 long term project
I realism picture
1 for fun art (Like fanart)
1 speed paint (2 hours for practice)
1 watercolor painting

Right now the goals don't really show on my DA account, but that's because I'm working on some longer term projects right now, plus some commissions. I'll post them on DA when I get the time to take a picture of them, or if I feel they are DA worthy. ^^; 

Also I've been having some computer issues. I finally took my computer in to get someone knowledgeable to fix the "configuring windows update" loop of doom. Indeed they fixed it (at no cost! woo!) but the bad news is my harddrive is failing. D: Which is actually okay because I do have a backup computer...the problem is my tablet is 10 years old and wacom decided to not update drivers for it to work on a Win 10 computer. So FFFFFFFF...... Gotta start saving up for a tablet for the backup.  I do have money saved up already, but thats for art buisness related things (making prints, etc), not a tablet. For now I'll make do with what I got. :/

So now an update on Mom.  If you do not want to read about cancer treatment/emotional roller coasters, please do not continue reading! You have been warned....

I've learned more about cancer than I've EVER wanted to know... *sigh*

Things have changed drastically since my post in December. Mom had a PET scan in January to see if the cancer had spread to any organ or other places in the body. Fortunately it had not spread, except to nearby lymph nodes in her armpit, so it was classified as Stage 3. The current treatment plan is chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, then surgery (mastectomy, due to size of the tumor), and then radiation.  For a while Mom was against Chemotherapy for a treatment option, but the tumor started to increase in size faster.... which helped change her mind (along with an unpleasant call from her Oncologist).  She's on chemo cycle of once every 3 weeks, for 12 four treatments total.

The first treatment (towards the end of January) was a little more traumatizing to both mom and I. Before a cancer patient receives chemo drugs via IV, they have to take an antihistamine (Benedryl) so they do not have an allergic reaction to the Chemo drugs.  The nurses didn't give us a warning of the side effects of Benedryl, prior to administering it...and mom had a bad reaction the the Benedryl (wide awake instead of sleepy, painful cramps in the legs, etc). It was very hard to see a loved one in pain and being powerless to do anything about it. :(  Other than that getting the Chemo drugs wasn't all that bad. Mom did deal with some nausea for a couple days, but she still went to work with me, and then rested on the weekend.

Two weeks later, her hair started to fall out. For the first two days, I joked that maybe I was so bad as a child that she's pulling her hair out. Yeah it was a bad joke, but we both laughed at it. XD After about five days, her hair was 97% gone. Losing her hair has been pretty hard. While looking at herself in a mirror she exclaimed "I look like a plucked chicken!", and then burst into tears. Yeah that wasn't a very good day. :( Mom wears a kerchief when she goes to work or church, instead of the suggested wigs. I think they actually help cheer her up some, especially the colorful ones. :)

On the brightside, after that first treatment, her tumor did start to shrink noticeably. Which actually surprised her Oncologist when she went in for treatment number two. Her bloodwork showed her platelets (red blood cells, white blood cells, etc) are really low. The doctor suggested that if she feels too tired to do much of anything that she may need a blood transfusion (to at least continue working).

The second treatment went a little better, but had it's own hiccups. Mom wanted to try getting a half dose of Benedryl since she reacted so poorly to it the first time. The doctor agreed to have it halved, and diluted with a bag of saline to give it more time to get in her system. She didn't have a bad reaction like she did the first time. The kicker is.... that when she got hooked up to the first chemo drug, her face turned a bright red...a tell tale sign she was having an allergic reaction to the chemo. The nurses took her off of it right away, cleared the IV line, and gave mom some time to recover. Soooo, mom got her second half of Benedryl, but instead of IV, she got it via an oral capsule (less side effects) which seemed to do the trick when she was hooked back up to receive Chemo.

So yeah, thats how my life has been. Wow, it actually feels good to type it out. Sorry for unloading all at once. ^^;;;

Thats all I got for now. I'll keep your guys posted as to what happens next/any upcoming art projects!

Till then, stay healthy and happy guyz and gals!

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Greetings from the deep valley of Hiatus-ville!

It feels like every time I peek out of hiatus-ville to write an update journal for DA, it always starts off with something like "I know I should post more...but I have been busy". Which is true, I have been super busy. Mostly with doing things NON-art related. Despite that little fact, I have been doing lots of art things since my last update in September.

I attempted Inktober. Yeah. Made it through 3 weeks of it...and that last week has been a bear to finish. Granted, I am getting through it. Just....very slowly. Eventually I will post a "calendar" of all my inktober drawings, but only when I finish the entire project. XD

On a more serious note, my hiatus may be more of an "on going" thing from here on out. At the beginning of this month, my mom went to the doctor to get an issue checked out. From there, she was referred to a clinic, and from there...was strongly advised to get a biopsy which she went ahead and got. those results came back positive for cancer (Ductal Carcinoma, common form of breast cancer).

Okay, so what does my mothers health have to do with my hiatus? Well, I live and work with my mother, so her health directly impacts my life. She's going to have to go through chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before getting a mastectomy (yes the tumor has become that large). If she goes through chemo, her energy will probably get zapped....and I will have to carry the workload of two people so we can pay our bills. Which basically means: Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat! Meaning no time for art... :( (Sad)

Knowing me, I will probably figure out how to finagle art into my life (for my sanity's sake, and also to get projects completed for other people), but other than that.....I have to focus on financial survival.

If you could keep me and my mom in your thoughts or prayers, that would be awesome. If you see anything funny...please pass it my way. In this tense time, humor and some pretty stellar friends have been a needed beacon of light. :/

Anyway, I hope all of you had a pretty decent 2016, and that 2017 will be even better!

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Hey All!

I'm sorry about being so under active these days. June, July and August were so extremely busy for me that it feels like they flew by in less than a week! Unfortunately time doesn't actually work that way, but focusing on responsibilities sure makes time go by quick!

Anyway an update about what has gone on the past couple months...
In keeping with my New Years Resolution about entering art contests, I have entered four art contests this year. So far I've heard back from 3 of the 4 contests that I entered.

AnimeIowa Forum Art Contest: 3rd! 
Buu Crisis...LEVEL UP by Delight046

AnimeIowa Art Exhibit: 2nd (in the Professional Category)
I Will Rise Like the Break of Dawn by Delight046

Iowa State Fair 2016: 3rd Place (in the Watercolor Category)
Through the Generations by Delight046

The last contest is one that I entered Thursday evening (If We Work Together ...We Will Be Victorious), which now completes that part of my new years resolution (entering 3 art contests, only one can be an animeiowa one) I'm pretty psyched! :D It's good to try new things and just branch out. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens! :D

Art Business wise...I'm finalizing my buisness game plan for selling artwork/crafts at anime conventions, and through a gallery/other type of setting. I'm aware that selling through anime conventions may get my buisness rolling...but may not be able to pay as well in the long run (because most anime fans do not make as much money due to the poor economy). Recently I've come across a new opportunity for selling my artwork via a connection at work. I can't really get my hopes up, but it looks like I will need to create works much larger than I'm currently making. Soooooo we shall see. *shrug*

Thats all I have for now. I know a lot of things have happened since June, but I have work in the morning and need sleep. I hope all of you have a good night, and an awesome rest of the week!


P.S. If you need some AWESOME music to listen to, see the youtube clips below! I suck at playing violin, so it's always great to watch/listen to those who clearly love playing it. :D

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Hey all!

I'm never really sure how to start these journal entries when I want to do more art....but life eats up a couple of months worth of time with work, stress, and responsibilities. D:

ON THE BRIGHTSIDE! I'm alive. .....which may annoy someone out in the universe somewhere. XD Anyway....

My life overall has been fairly okay. It's had it's ups, downs, spin arounds, and all that fun. I've been a little more dedicated the past two months to setting up my art buisness, rather than keeping it a hobby.  The kinds of responsibilities I'm dealing with involve getting artwork ready to be printed (wtf is a bleed? do I need to stab my pictures?!), saving up funds to afford the printing (I've actually been doing this for a little over a year), creating buisness cards, creating a "studio" name (that isnt taken according to google), applying for a tax permit....yeah all that "fun" stuff.

The main reason why I'm focusing on selling my art is that I will be selling my artwork again at AnimeIowa (yaaaaay), but I wanted to sell a variety of items rather than a select number. It may increase sales...or maybe not. Who knows. It beats doing nothing with my art. XD

Oh, one more thing before I forget....the middle of June I submitted two of my artworks into the Iowa State Fair. This past Friday, I found out that both of my works passed the jury (I'm assuming to weed out the not so nice works?) and will be displayed at the Iowa State Fair this August. :3 Sooooo yeah, another thing to scramble to get ready to go. :/ But it also means a trip to Des Moines (and I haven't actually been in Des Moines since 2005?), and art promotion! :D

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. I'll probably post more new art AFTER the end of July, or whenever life decides to give me a break. Or maybe I'll actually take the time to photograph my Kanzashii for AI... XD


P.S: I'm still checking my DA account a couple times a week....I just dont know what to say when I have no new shiny art to post. :/

P.P.S. I know this happens a lot in Japanese anime series (and even dramas?!) but I NOTICED when I was researching Sakura outfits for my versions of Sailor Sakura....that Sakura is kinda flipping the bird. o____o
Wut by Delight046 I can't unsee it. o______o
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Hey all!

I'm finally back from my sudden three month hiatus. Granted, my three month hiatus doesnt mean I haven't been doing artwork at all, it just means life had to have more a priority than checking DA. I will be uploading some of those projects to DA, just not all at once, cuz that would be spammy... XD. Sooooo stay tuned for art~

My life in those 3 months have been a roller coaster of emotions. I started out writing out exactly what was going on, but realized that it's a pretty big downer for a first post. So I'll give a really short version: I'm okay. Well...mostly. I'm stressing out about the health of my mom. For now she's okay, but I still worry. And occasionally the worry tries to morph itself into depression. :(

Fortunately the depression doesnt stick around for long, but it's still ...well....stressful. Stress loves to create a loop of downward spiraling emotions.... *sigh*

ANYWAY! As for upcoming projects, right now I'm focusing on getting my commission work caught up. That is one major stresser that I can do something about. And since most of those projects require watercolor, I will be switching to watercolor again (gotta finish up two digital projects and poof, then watercolor is a GO). :D

Anywho, I need to get to regular life things. See ya later~ :D


Heres some music/movies to listen/watch to~ Right now I have my Pandora set to the Disney childrens radio. XD

Happy (Belated) New Year Everyone!

I'm sorry that I've been MIA lately. I'm still alive (wait...I think I'm still alive?), and drawing artz! It's just that I'm working on a particularly large project for atelierv (have another that is pending). The large one in particular os close-ish to stay tuned for that pictures debut. One by one the memory spheres steal my sanity. -___-;;

Also as a shoutout to all the lovelies who wished me Happy Birthday~ O MAI GOODNESS YOU GUYS ROCK! :3 You know exactly how to make a girl blush. XD A big thank you to...
:iconlintu47: :icondaeien: :iconmeztli72: :iconmary3m: :iconthomasvandijk: :iconprincess-estrella: :iconladytrisha08: :iconkatyscene: :iconvickyviolet: :iconbirthdays: :iconhearsegurl: :iconkirliavstomo: :icontom-lucitor: :iconlostintheflowoftime: :iconfario-p: :iconjasperinity: :iconanimegirlyuki: :iconmayuralover: :iconunicronwars:
....and I'm sorry it took me 10 days to respond. ;___;

This past Saturday a friend of mine gave me what is probably the best Birthday gift I've ever gotten...EVER. To be honest I'm pretty used to not getting what I want for any holiday/birthday so it's a HUGE surprise to get something I secretly pine for...but would probably buy it for myself when I've sold enough art or got a better paying job. Remember back in September I got a set of 18 Holbein watercolor paints? Well this friend got me a set of 60 Holbein watercolor paints. Call you tell I'm excited yet?
12508823 3417507314801 2188762807303696796 N by Delight046
THEY ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL! I ALMOST CANT MAKE MYSELF USE THEM! THEY ARE SOOO PRISTINE AND BEAUTIFUL! MAI PRECIOUS~ Even though I can't use them RIGHT now because I'm working on a digital commission(s) I'm still daydreaming projects to use them for.

Which kinda goes into my Art New Years Goals:
  1. Focus on selling my artwork
    1. I kinda try to do this every year, but I get discouraged and give up. (surprise surprise)
    2. This year I have a plan. (Whoo hoo! A Plan!)
    3. In December of last year I talked/showed some of my artwork to a few people who go to my church. One of the people I talked to was interested in selling my artwork.... as long as it was rural scenery depicting farmland, country, or Amish lifestyle. So....Why not? I'll give it a try with 5-10 paintings/drawings and if I can make money that way, WIN.
  2. Enter Three Art Contests
    1. Why? Because year after year I enter two art contests and they are Anime Iowa related.
    2. so....AI can only count as ONE contest, Need to not stick too close to home all the time. Branch out!
    3. Diversify protfolio with not just Anime things, and think of both long, and short term projects to do...
  3. Finish previously started projects
    1. 30 page comic - specifically "Seventh Dragon Bride"
    2. Select digital paintings that were put on the back burner (Yep they exist as .psd files on my computer)
    3. The last Talented Princess picture. Jeeze, that project should have been done and over with already. Poor Haruka...

I think thats all I got for right now. XD My "New Years" resolutions are always weird. But we'll see how it goes.

Well....thats all folks! Till I post some art, thats all I gotta say!


P.S. Want some music to listen to? This is what I've found on Pandora/Youtube recently. XD Honestly I dont pay too much attention to the lyrics, I just like the sound of the song. :3

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Hey all!

Just a note to say that I'm still alive! Well...mostly. I had a pretty busy November that kinda prevented me from doing much art this month. :/ Technically November isnt over, but I doubt I'll go on a crazy creation spree the next 24 hours. XD

In recent news, I've joined the Christmas choir at church. I've always had a difficult time connecting with people at the different churches I've 'attended' over the years, so I thought trying something different would help me get out of my "hermit artist" safety net. Not to mention I REALLY want to learn alto, cuz singing the melody all the time is just no fun. :P  So far it's been a good way to get me out of my shell, talk to people, and actually make friends (huzzah! FRIENDS!). 

I've been getting encouraging compliments about the quality of my voice, which is nice, but I really dont know how to handle them. For some reason I DO NOT like the sound of my voice, and automatically assume it sounds bad to everyone else(especially when I accidentally skip back to soprano when I'm supposed to be alto). I'm still trying to do my best singing wise, and trying to stay less negative about myself. Yep...just another project thats a work in progress....

Actually I have been playing around with animation cuz I have a plot in mind. It's a great plot...but requires me learning new software. D: Heres my animation (it has some kinks, but for 2 hours worth of sketching it's actually pretty good): RotateBuuFaster

Speaking of Arting, I have a couple projects in progress for...
DivisionHappy   Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star  (inked, Ready for coloring)
atelierv           Star!No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star  (sketched)
Secret Santa      No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star  (not started)

Just letting you guys know so that you know that I haven't forgotten about you. ;)

I'm hoping that December will be my CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ART MOTIVATION MONTH! Meaning I have some projects I would kinda like to get done this year so I can start 2016 with a newish slate (I still have backburner projects waiting). :) I dunno, I can only hope! XD lol

I've discovered a new band to listen to as I work (both at my job and when I draw/paint). It's called, Wagakki Band. If you want to listen to something with traditional Japanese instruments with a little more of a band beat, you should definitely check this band out! My personal favorites are Nijiiro Chouchou (slowish) and SenbonZakura (Faster beat). Both are the youtube links below:

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Or at least I think I am? Considering how dead tired I am, I wouldnt be surprised anymore if I was dead, and this is some crazy version of hell or heaven revamped so that I can still get all my projects done. Haunting DA? least October is the month to do it! Muhahahahha~

As always, I'm swamped with non-artsy projects: Had a heavy frost the other night so ALL ZE PLANTS needed to either come into the house (houseplants) and ALL POSSIBLE PRODUCE needed to be picked. Although the leeks survived, God only knows why. I'm not complaining cuz leeks are yummy.

So recent news: After some dithering, I have joined the team for Sailor Moon Sacrifice (a youtube project). I me a sucker for pain, but I thought it would be good to help out a group that has been on hiatus for a couple of years get their project back into the swing of things. So far I've been doing a mix of Animator and Artist type work.

Heres and Example of a re-draw/edit that I've done so far (original to the left, Mine to the right):
Specific directions were to tilt the head to the right, and change the fuku into super sailor mercury.
Redrawmerc by Delight046
Ooops, see a couple mistakes already, but I wont point them out.... 9_9;;; Jeeze, I should have double checked this earlier....

If you dont know what Sailor Moon Sacrifice can watch episodes 1-3 here:…; and if you would also be interested in joining the project, here is the poster with contact information:  If you have questions, or want to join, you can contact the email/facebook group on the poster, or message me and I can pass it along. ;P

I'm still working on Seventh Dragons Bride. For certain it's turning into a longer project, due to that I want it to be higher quality than just quick doodles, and I havent had as much time as I expected to work on it. Plus screentones are frigging confusing to use! Sometimes you do a fantastic job, and other times it looks like utter crap. :< Wrapping up parts of page two so hopefully you guys will be able to see it before the end of October. XD I promise there will be dragons! But thats only if drawing a certain dragon cooperates with me. :P He's being a stinker because he's at an awkward angle to draw. D:

Ze Kittens are doing fairly well. They were 4 weeks old this past Sunday, and follow me around when I go outside. They are soooooo cute! I dont' have any recent photo's of them, but I do have a little video on instagram of one of the kittens burping. Maybe 2 weeks ago, Marble (the mommy cat) was going to abandon her kittens because she didnt have enough milk to feed all five of them. So I've been feeding them milk replacer to see them through 6weeks  of age or so. This particular kitten was burping was because I had fed it milk replacer, and was trying to train it to lap from a small dish (got a little too much air when lapping) :…

Ummmm.... I think thats it... Nothing else is pressing to be told at the moment. XD

Hope all of you are doing well and have a wonderful autumn~

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Hey all!

I'm sorry that I've been all MIA lately. Last week (and the week before that) I've been working on a landscaping project that requires a large part of an orchard to be re-seeded. Basically, I'm mowing, then rodotilling, then raking (to even out the dirt), then seeding, then driving over seeded area multiple times to pack it in, and finally covering it up grass clippings or straw. I just get tired thinking about all the work I've been doing lately.....

Thankfully About 3/4ths of it is done (whew!), but theres still so much to do....

Okay! Lets talk about something positive like inktober!  I'm thinking about doing it this year because I've been so lax in getting stuff done. I'm still dithering between doing smaller projects that I've been meaning to do, practice things that I'm not as good at drawing, or drawing a first chapter of a comic/Short story. I really want to draw the comic idea, but I have to have an idea as to what story I want to do. I have like 6 hazy story ideas floating around in my head right now.... so picking one is difficult. :/ Plus, I'm not sure if I should do just a short story (told in 30 pages) or what. I also made a poll about this so you can vote there if you want! Maybe that would help me figure out which project to do....

Remember that poll I put out about "What social media you use to show your art"? I'm attempting (again?) to make an art Tumblr blog. Mostly for smaller doodles that I dont really want to post on DA. I tend to think of DA as my "finished portfolio" site, and places like tumblr/instagram for posting in progress or small doodles that I think are neat. Now I'm not saying "I'm quitting DA and going to Tumblr". It's more of a separating my crummy doodles/in progress images from my DA account. If you are a tumblrite, you can follow me here:   So far theres only 5 images, but hey thats better than none right!? :D

We also have kittens! Right now they are a week and a half old (will be two weeks this coming Sunday). Some of them have their eyes open, but not all of them. Probably by the weekend all their eyes will be open. :3
Untitled by Delight046 Untitled by Delight046

Anywho I better get some stuff done! Till later y'all~

P.s. I still have prints for sale! I dont like to advertise it too much, but heres a friendly reminder. :) Also If you have a request for a recent artwork to be made into a print, please let me know. I promise I don't bite!.... well....much (jk jk jk!)
ARTsellTEST by Delight046
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Hey Guys~

So I tend to shop second hand (gasp!), and thought I'd let some "I want a drawing tablet, but I'm too poor" people know that there are some "like new" to "used" drawing tablets up on Granted, I can't promise that they will be the greatest quality, or will work, but thats another way of getting a tablet inexpensively. :) I purposely chose ones that still had the box (maybe were not used all that much?).………

If all else fails, save up for one (if you save $10 a month, you can get a cheaper end tablet in 10 months or less). Or look for tablets as prizes in contests. :)
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Hey Gaiz!

So I have some leftover prints from Anime Iowa (I know it was months ago) and I thought I'd put it up on DA to see if anyone is interested in getting some prints from me. Yes.... most of them are Sailor Moon related, so there isnt much of a variety. Mostly there are cards and a couple posters. For now I will not be doing any more cards cuz they are TIME INTENSIVE to make. However if you have a request for a poster print (must place an order or pay for print) please let me know via note.

Ideally I would like to be paid via paypal, but I can work with points as well (for renewing DA subscription). ^^

See image below for available options and prices!
ARTsellTEST by Delight046

Update on Art Life,

So I finally took :iconaricson:'s advice to "update" my cotman/vangogh watercolors by get some Holbein ones instead. Got a 18 color tube set off of ebay for $26 (via auction) which is next to impossible to get them that cheap at blick (usually around $40-$60 for a set). So I'll try them out, see how I like them. I will probably not notice much of a difference.... but maybe I will? Who knows? Haha. I really need to start a watercolor vlog. ONE OF THESE DAYSSSSS.....just not today.

Farm cats wise,

I have finally tamed down one of the two smallest farm kitties, and it likes being petted (if I dont scare it away first)! It's mom is pregnant with another litter of kittens so both little kitties have been "weaned" (more like hiss SMACKed) away from their mom. I'm still working on the other kitty, but it just runs away from me when I baaaarely touch it. :/ Heres a picture to document the awesomeness!
Untitled by Delight046 (kitty says: "I really want down....down is good")

Anywho thats all I got for now. ^^
I hope everyone is doing well and not stressing out too much!

Have a wonderful day!
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?  I joined DA in 2005, but really didnt start to use it regularly till Fall of 2006 because I really didnt want to bug my friends and family on facebook.

  2. What does your username mean? Delight046: Delight is my middle name (no lie), and 4 and 6 represent the number of letters in my first name, and last name.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Patient, Imaginative, and Quirky

  4. Are you left or right handed? I am Right handed, however I can draw with my left hand as well. Once when I was in college I got Tennis Elbow from working on a large drawing at a very bad position for too long. I had to spend the rest of the semester writing AND drawing with my left hand. It has it's own style too... lol. 

  5. What was your first deviation? Protectress Of Souls

  6. What is your favorite type of art to create? For the past couple years, my favorite kind of art has been traditional Fanart, specifically watercolors with Acrylics and some colored pencil. I also enjoy drawing/painting digitally. Less mess to keep after. I enjoy making all types of's hard to just pick one ALL of the time. 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? TBH, I dont really have a style I would like to master. I like playing around with multiple styles so I can experiment and just have fun.  Mastering a style just takes all the fun out of figuring something out. :)

  8. What was your first favorite? Cane Grope - Colored (Friend of mine from Highschool drew this, and it made me laugh)

  9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most? Mostly Anime Fanart (surprise surprise! lol). Or things that inspire me for creating new work.

  10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist? I have DeviantArtists I admire, but none that I idolize.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? :iconmoon-shadow-1985: Because she comes up with the most AMAZING ideas/suggestions for Sailor Moon (or other series) Fanart. :) Plus it would be fun to meet up. :D

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? (See above) She has given great feedback and ideas for future projects. :)

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Paper, brush, watercolor, water. or A computer, Photoshop, and a Intuos 3 tablet.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Actually anywhere in the world, or even the internet can inspire me to create art. I dont have to be in a particular place to feel at home. :)

  15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory? Working on, and Winning :icondamaimikaz:'s Speed Painting Challenge. :) I wish I had more time to work on the next challenge. D:


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Hey all~

I'm back from AnimeIowa! Wow what a weekend. It was fun and stressful, but I'm glad that it's over. Now I can get back to doing art and stress less about getting things done. Granted, I did have a ton of hanging out with my amazing friends, buying some nice swag, dressing up, and so on...but I missed being creative.

Speaking of swag and dressing up, heres a couple photos of my swag, and dress up fun. :D
Untitled by Delight046 Untitled by Delight046 Untitled by Delight046 Untitled by Delight046
I bought mostly manga, and CCS related items (and stickers! I went a little crazy with stickers this year). I was pretty thrilled to get some CCS keychains for my USB drives (so I can tell which one is which, and find them easier). My absolute most favorite thing I bought this year was the little sakura charm for my tablet. :3 I did buy some sailor moon items, which were....well 2 scrunchies and a memo book. I'm a sucker for school supplies....

11753667 10153377806553819 3900054733763971538 N by Delight046 11224559 3264431808009 6859455455361647943 O by Delight046

This year I cosplayed Matoko Kino (civilian form of Sailor Jupiter), and a Coffee Lolita (I'm the far left in both images). In the left image I'm sitting next to my friend (white dress) who I actually bought the Matoko top from. :) And since my sewing machine AND back up sewing machine decided to throw a hissy fit, I sewed 95% of my skirt by hand. So a project that really should have taken a half an hour, took more like...6 hours.

As for the coffee Lolita cosplay, it's been my annual tradition costume (I wear it once of year, and update something about it). This was the the 2nd year (or maybe 3rd?) that I wore the wig with ringlets, and people STILL ask me how I managed to get my hair to curl like that. Wigs are amazing. Compared to my flat hair of no body-ness. >.>


One of the things that kinda stressed me out prior to, and at AI was that I was experimenting selling my art again. Since my talk with my highschool teacher, I decided that I needed to make a legitimate effort selling my art. I had tried to sell some of my art back in 2009 and a bit in 2014, with minimal success. I hadnt tried doing prints due to lack of funds and a wide assortment of images to print. So this time around I had some extra birthday money left over, plus gained $50 from winning 3rd in a recent art contest to fund my experiment. Hey if I failed, then it wouldnt be that bad because it was money that was given to me for other reasons.

Since AI was coming up, and a friend of mine offered to let me share a table, I picked some pieces that I deemed print worthy and off to the printers I went!

Oh man. I wish it was as easy as that. Just thinking about the printer woes makes me sad. So I'll just tell you my two tips for printing your art:

>SAVE YOUR ART AS A .PDF: Printer people LOVE .PDF's and can edit them easily. Psd or png can alter sizing without your knowledge, and cause pixelation. Jpgs are ONLY for website usage—because everytime they are opened they pixelate. Pixelation is bad. VERY BAD.

>GO THE EASY ROUTE: MAKE PRINTS NOT CARDS: I know that cards seem fairly easy to make, but they are NOT. I had to download a trial version of Indesign and taking the time to figure out a new program can make you want to bang your head against the desk (ironically I was listening to Babymetals Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! when I got really frustrated..). So if at all possible, Go the easy route! :D

Despite all the woes, and mental headbanging...I finally got my prints done, and ready to sell at AI.

I didnt know how well they would go this year, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to break even and make a little bit ($30 or so). So my experiment was successful, in the mindset that my printing expenses were covered, but not necessarily the creating artwork part.

If you are wanting prints of my fanart works, just let me know. I still have some Sailor Moon cards left over (5x7) from the Royal Senshi Project, and some posters. I can also print certain senshi as poster size as well. :) Still a little fuzzy about shipping, but Meh, I'll figure it out as I go.

Anyway, I wrote plenty this time and need to be productive elsewhere. Till later y'all~


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Hello All!

As you can tell by some of the drawings (paintings?) that I've been uploading recently that I'm done with the Hiatus that I mentioned ....oh about 2 weeks ago. So I was kinda right...but not really.  I got done with the 3 very...large....projects a lot quicker than I thought I would (well, I do worry/stress out for no reason sometimes...). I was going to do a 4th large project, but I decided I have enough to do before AnimeIowa (a convention I attend at the end of July) that I should preserve the little sanity I have left to finish my cosplay(s). 

Since I'm still preparing for the convention that I'll be attending NEXT weekend (not this weekend) I will probably not be posting much art either. Who knows, I may work on some watercolor to ease the chaos and insanity...but I will be very busy (more so than usual). I'm attempting to sell some of my prints of my artwork at the convention to see if anyone is interested in my work. Soooo...we shall see. 

So one of my large projects that I completed last week, was an entry for a forum art contest....and it won 3rd place (Murphy's Law)! I'm pretty excited, which also means more $ for stuff or food at the convention. :) (Smile) I'm also planning on entering some work for the Art Show. I wish I had something a little more recent than some of my nearly a year old work, but hey I'll work with what I got. 

Prior to con, I splurged and bought stuff I've REALLY wanted for a while . I've been rocking out to my brand spanking new BABYMETAL CD as I've been drawing these projects (I actually a fan of Akatsuki and Headbangeeeeerrrrr! now since I've bought the album). I think I mentioned awhile ago that I bought the Sakura Clow Book wallet, but I also got a star key necklace for my ccs cosplay....which I'm still trying to decide if I'll wear this year. I dont want to wear/use them because they are sooo pretty and shiny! Although when I was wearing it the other day, some of my friends mistook the key from sailor moon, not CCS. :/

20150712 142339 by Delight046    20150711 231039 by Delight046

Oh, for those wondering if my highschool teacher ever wrote back to me regarding Simpler Times and a Simpler Place He did write me back! He LOVED the picture, and now has it framed in his house. Although I waited a little too long to call him due to life (BAAAH LIFE!), but I finally got around to calling him, and we made plans to meet up for coffee/supper. It was fun talking to him about some of the behind the scenes in highschool, college adventures, and also how things are going in his life. He's in the process of writing a book about the place where he grew up (the barn that I painted), and possibly using the painting as part of the cover of his book. :) (Smile) Although when we got on the topic of me "selling my art" he wasnt thrilled at the prices I've sold my artwork in the past, nor that I've "given up" and hide it on an obscure DA account. >_>;;;

Thus the re-beginning of trying to sell my art. Oh this could end badly, but hey why not? I've had friends/family asking for prints, or how much I charge for a commission. SOooooo, might as well. But I really need to raise my prices (or figure out something that doesnt involve me getting paid pennies or less per hour...). If you have any suggestions about pricing art (or any articles of the like), please pass it my way. ^^

Also, thanks to those who voted in the poll! It makes it easier to choose artwork to show at the artshow. :) (Smile) <3

Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying summer and are keeping cool!

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