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Princess of Beautiful Dreams
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Published: September 18, 2015
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To :iconimprovement-club: I had a difficult time with the hands and the expression on Chibiusa's face. Any other suggestions on how she should be holding the holy moon chalice or just helping with rendering the fingers more elegantly/feminine would be nice. :) Or shading suggestions for skintones. It looks rather flat. Thanks!

Done with Watercolor (cotmans cuz I really need to use them up anyway) and white Acrylic paint.

Okay so this picture isnt as nice as my recent Elsa picture, but it still looks okay. Like the Neo Queen Serenity picture I did earlier, I put both the Moon and Earth for Chibiusa, but as crescents to symbolize a new beginning (the cycle continues and all that jazz).  Of course I could have gone with Princess of the Future, but where is the fun in that?

Also another thing I want to point out the Holy Chalice is referencing the Infinity arc of sailor moon supers: Chibiusa always wanted her own "Holy Moon Chalice" to be like her mom. At first I was going to go with a "Chibiusa is the princess of creativity" which is partially true because she likes drawing and such, but she's more of a day dreamer and less ...LET THE PAINT HIT THE FLOOR!

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AngatiHobbyist Artist
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penguinpyroHobbyist Digital Artist
I took a shot at correcting this for Improvement-Club!
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shinjiasuka4everHobbyist Writer
Lovely work on chibiusa!
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sailorcelestialHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaaww~! Beautiful!!! Her hands look fine -she's young, so it's okay!
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Grimoire-Des-RevesHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really lovely ^.^ I'm sorry I can't give you any advice for the hands, I'm hopeless at critiques, I'm still learning all of these things myself :').

Anyway! I love her expression, it's so serene, almost goddess-like, which works really well ^.^. I also love the way you've painted the bottom of her dress, it almost looks like the sky is merging with her dress in a cosmic sort of way...if that makes sense :XD:. I love the fact you gave her the Chalice as well! ^.^ 
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Loving that effect with the Moon and Earth. :heart:

I'm also in love with her dress. I'm not too sure what you wanted the effect to be (I'm terrible with words, sorry ^^; ), but the way it looks - the top is light and the bottom/skirt is dark... Wow. :D

Great job!!!
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very pretty. I bet you worked hard on that! :D
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MysticSybilHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so lovely!
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you think so. :)
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Beautiful Dreams fits for Chibiusa, mainly since she had a bigger role in Super S and everyone was trying to protect people's dreams. Other than that, she looks so beautiful, her hair is so eye-catching Heart Love 
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Indeed! Although it probably would have been a better idea to use a magical item from the Supers series rather than the infinity arc. :/

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mayuraloverHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful dreams, indeed! I love the crescent moon and earth. Good job!
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Delight046Professional General Artist
I like how it's a crescent in a crescent (moon and earth together also create a crescent).

Thanks! <3
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Kitty-Kat--89Hobbyist General Artist
This is lovely !!
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :3
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But why'd you give her the Holy Grail rather then the 'Stallion Rêve' (… &… &… &… )? 

Who's next? 

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Delight046Professional General Artist
Eh it was trying to reference more in the series rather than just one arc. Also I had started watercoloring this project, before you brought up the "stallion reve" or "Twinkle Bell".

OOOoooh well........better luck next time I suppose....
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The "Stallion Reve" and "Twinkle Bell" are two different items. 

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Delight046Professional General Artist
I know they are two different items. Hence why I used the word "or". XD
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The Stallion Rêve would have been better, as a reference to the title. 
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Probably. As I said, oh well....better luck next time. Also, this was the picture I originally was going to call chibiusa "Princess of Creativity" remember? :P

It looks like Mars is next. I'll do a better job with matching a title with Mars than what I did with chibiusa. V_V;;;
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Stallion Rêve = Princess of Dreams; 'Rêve' means 'dream' in French, (stallion just means a male horse, a clear nod to Pegasus/Helios).  A perfectly good name for the title of her picture... 

As for Mars, "Princess of Spirituality" or "Princess of Divination" or "Princess of Meditation" are good ideas for the title for her picture.  What ideas for the title are you pondering? 

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