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Hope from Sagittarius Zero Star Nebula
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Published: December 7, 2014
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Done with Watercolor, Acrylic, and colored pencil.

I know I've said that my Senshi Royalty Project was done, but I do have a few loose ends I'd like to add to that project (just not all at once). I decided to go ahead with working on a royalty Cosmos (the above), The starlights, and princess Kakyuu. Eventually I want to do a royal Galatica picture, but like some other projects...will have to be put off till I get a new watercolor sketchbook.

Anyway, since sailor cosmos has a rainbow theme going on, I thought I'd embrace that same thing for a princess-y dress. :3 Chibichibi's dress is very similar to Cosmos's except it's pink (kinda like Chibiusa's Princess gown is pink, and Usagi's dress is white). Just my way of saying they are both separate entities. :)

Honestly I have more to say when I'm working on these pictures, but when it comes to actually uploading them to DA and writing something down I have zilch to say. :/ Sooooo.... I'm gonna go back to my other projects and hopefully get them done. K, thnx, bai!
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CrystalSailorMoonHobbyist Artist
I love it, I always wanted to see these two in princess gowns, this is perfect +fav 
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For some reason I think Sailor Cosmos is not really Sailor Moon but......her 'twin' maybe. The reason why I think like this is because little Fairy Guardian of Cosmos panel showed and said that  (according to what I see) Queen Serenity traveled to the Galaxy Cordon bringing a shining star which I believe is Cosmos.

In a way maybe Cosmos is a split soul of Saior Moon?
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Delight046Professional General Artist
I think of Cosmos as a potential final senshi form for sailor moon (before becoming neo queen serenity). However, Cosmos comes into play ONLY when a series of events happen that would cause the end of the universe.
Basically Cosmos is like a "save point" in a video game, where if she fails defeating the bad guy, she can go back to a previous point in time and change the outcome.

I'm not sure though if she would have the same soul or part of a soul of Sailor Moon, but maybe of a potential self.

Like, if I didnt go to college, what would my "self" be? verses the self that went to college? Or the self that is single, verses the self that is married with children? That self is remotely the same person but with different circumstances making the self not the same.

Wow this got very theosophical really fast. o_o;;; My brain hurts....
Kaigaazuko's avatar
And another theory(just a thought)...Cosmos and Sailormoon's souls are so connected to each other that they could comfort each other. And their powers being the power of peace and justice. 

I wonder......if Galaxia really want to find the brightest star, she should go for Cosmos...not Sailor Moon because.....she's a moon?
Kaigaazuko's avatar
This is so like the theory of Space Dandy season2. 

But yeah...that is just one theory of mine about Cosmos being an unusual case of split soul from Princess Serenity. Naoko should make another story of Queen Serenity's memory of why she travels to Galaxy Couldron.
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i think in a distant future, the neo moon family runs out of female heirs so the moon prince heads out to find a new sailor moon.

he finds a girl who resembles chibichibi (more on that later) and she agrees to become the new sailor moon and later sailor cosmos. She turns out to be the riencarnation of the origional sailor moon (usagi) and that's why she refers to sailor moon as "my self" but also seems to think of her as a separate person (kinda  of like how princess serenity and usagi are kind of the same person but kind of not).

sailor cosmos battles sailor chaos but succumbs to despair when the prince is killed and decides to go back and change fate, in order to not attract suspicion she chooses the most innocent appearance she can think of, that of a child.

I know it's a big leap of faith based on what we are told in the manga... but that's my headcanon~!
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Seems like a great idea too
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Sailor-girl1234Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! They are SOOOOOOO KAWAII together! And ChibiChibi's Princess dress looks adorable on her! I also love Cosmos's dress on her as well! :floating:

Just so you know, in my gallery for my Alternative Universe of Sailor Moon, Cosmos and ChibiChibi are older and younger sister! The N.A. names I gave them are Cassie/Cosmos and Kiki/ChibiChibi Conrad! :nuu:

Watch me back and love every minute of it! :floating:


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Meztli72Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful ^^
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IrinaSelenaStudent General Artist
Owwww it is cool Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
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HalowingHobbyist General Artist
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I am absolutely in love with Cosmos' dress. Looks like her fuku, except it's...not, lol.

Nice work!!! :D
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Yup thats what i aimed for.  I also made the amazoness quartet gowns baised off of thier circus halter tops. ^^

Thanks!! Im glad you like it! :3
PureForestGuardian's avatar
Lol, I totally didn't notice the Amazoness Quartet's... XD

But you're welcome! ^^

Any chance of you being able to compile the works into one big piece? If not, that's all right... :) Guess I'll have to fave each one individually. ;)
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Delight046Professional General Artist
I may compile them all into one picture when I'm certain I'm finished with the project. I currently have Kakyuu, the starlights, and Galaxtica on the backburner for the royal senshi project...and I'm not sure if thats the end of the project or not. ^^;
PureForestGuardian's avatar

Haha, I understand. Nevertheless, you've done quite well on this project. ^^ Looking forward to seeing the rest!
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kyara17Professional Traditional Artist
Love the idea :heart:
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Delight046Professional General Artist
bunneh icon1 
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UminohoshiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Beautiful work! I love it!
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Delight046Professional General Artist
Fancy Dance PLZ 
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KazenoShunHobbyist General Artist
Your deviation has been Featured by :iconsailorplanet: for the month of December 2014
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