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Draw This Again 2018 edition
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Published: July 23, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Delight046
Drawn in Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet (yep that thing still works!).
Speed Paint in 1 hr 42ish min.

So It's almost that time of year where I need to draw a self portrait for this meme. It's kinda my annual drawing practice to see how rusty my skills have become. I think for 2019 I need to use a not super washed out image. XD

I guess I skipped uploading my 2017 mug last year (probably because I didn't like it that much, but used it as a facebook photo). Not sure if I want to use the 2018 speed paint as my new fb photo, but meh, we shall see. It's just kinda dark in my opinion. *shrug*

Also, I recorded myself drawing this picture, so when I have the video/link ready, I shall link it this post. :)
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Delight046Professional General Artist
I'm trying to come back. Honest. :P

Hopefully I'll be around more. :D (I know I know....famous last words)
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Did you get my message about the CardCaptor Sakura/Harry Potter-verse crossover idea?  What do you think?  

If Sakura Kinomoto was a Sailor Senshi by Delight046

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Delight046Professional General Artist
I kinda half remember you mentioning the CCS and HP cross over. At the time tho I hadn't read the harry potter books.

Granted, I recently finished reading the harry potter books (yay summer reading done) I'd have to think that idea over to see how I'd pull it off. :P
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So, what's your verdict?  

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Delight046Professional General Artist
If you'd help me with figuring out which CCS characters would sort into which house, I could probably pull it off.


I'm weird, I'm trying to put Sakura in Hufflepuff, but she should probably be in Gryffindor (Tomoyo definitely should be a huffpuff). Syaoran leans toward Slytherin....? o_o''''
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Sakura = Gryffindor or Hufflepuff
Tomoyo = Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
Syaoran = Gryffindor or Slytherin
Kero = Gryffindor (all the way)
Yue = Ravenclaw or Slytherin

What about other characters (i.e. Eriol), too?  

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Delight046Professional General Artist
I think the main problem of sorting CCS characters into houses is that it depends on overall personality verses short span personality.

Example: In the beginning of CCS Syaoran would be more Slytherin house. However as the series progresses, it's clear he's more a Gryffindor. Thus why it's hard to choose. o_____o'''''''

So here are my preferences:

Sakura I'd probably place in HuffPuff.
Tomoyo, I'd place in Ravenclaw (very creative, and quirky)
Eriol I'd place in Ravenclaw (very intelligent/ do what is wise)
Syaoran, is as closer to slytherin than any of the others, sooooo he gets placed there. He'll be a good slytherin tho. :)

Kero(gryff)/Yue (Ravenclaw)/Mizuki(Huffpuff)/Spinel (Slytherin) would probably be teachers for the houses.
Clow Reed would be headmaster. Definately a dumbledore type. :)

Naoko: Ravenclaw. Hands down. Crazy writer.
Chiharu: Huffpuff?
Risa: Huffpuff. Such a sweetie
Takeshi: Gryffindor. He should be in Ravenclaw, but stupidity in telling lies is strong with this one.....
Meiling: Gryffindor.
Rubymoon: Slytherin
Touya: Slytherin
Yuki (seperate from yue): Huffpuff
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