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Hello! That's a portrait I've been working on every now and then...
I made the skin bright and clean on purpose, in order to be in more contrast with the worn and dirty armor; more generally, a contrast between what's inside and what's outside.
...hope you like it;

Wacom, Photoshop, no refs.

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This is absurdly appropriate for the girlband L7s Wargasm
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Sexy but deadly.
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You've been featured in Korina's premium feature #8 !

Congrats :aww:
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Thank you very much! :)
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Stuning armor for a beautiful lady :)
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That looks great, all the little details are being noticed. ummm, how did you get the design onto the lower part of her torso armor? low opacity?
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Thanks, yes, I think so.
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perfect art... only'n simply perfect
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I love the triquetra on the blade. It gives a little extra to this picture.
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Another great art, love your stuff.
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omfg this is so awsome i totally envy your artwork i totally wish i could do that>.< but sadly i cannot>.< this is going in my faves and im sooo watching you!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much!
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your welcome you desevre it
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she is very pretty!!! I like the armor ant the weapon.
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you're welcome ^_^
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wargasmic!? that sounds like orgasmic!! >____> ...*koff
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wow, that's hot. I want some sexy armor like that.
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Hehe, thanks! :)
I love it, once again you have excellent weapon skills. Btw, does she have orgasms or wargasms?
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