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This is one from a series of wallpapers I have created for the MMO strategy text game "DARK THRONE" [link] (©2008 Lazarus Software).

The skeleton body is 3d; the head and the rest were made in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!

*The downloadable version is available in 1680x1050.
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skeletons can be considered fleshless zombies, returning for vengeance, or by a magic spell, like the voodoo zombie. That's the case of the Gashadokuro made by the princess Taira no Minamoto. The cree Pauguk is similar, but can be considered as a friendly zombie who help the people when they lost the road in the forest, birth from the people who died by starvation. The baykok is more like the insane monsters from Evil Dead.

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I'm sorry but his pose looks like he's saying "And this is where i keep all my Fucks. Look at all the fucks i give!"
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Amazing work. The details are astaunding :O
I hope you don't mind when I use it on my blog? ( Of course all the credit will go to you ;)
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What creature's skeleton is it?
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Hi! :meow: You have been FEATURED in my journal... Happy Halloween! :iconjoyloveplz:

:iconboooplz: :iconloveyouplz::iconpumkinplz:
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Thank you so much, I appreciate it! :wave:
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This is beyond epic!!
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Whoa, this is incredibly badass! Nice touch with the castle (and its entrance) in the background.
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That is an awesome wallpaper. Nice job on the anatomy of the skeleton and the water effects.
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beautiful and scary ; brilliant
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Very impressive, easily a favorite. I'd love to see what lies inside that evil looking tower.
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Extremely awesome and inspiring!
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It's awesome how you manage to make the skull so expressive.
And the temple / castle in the background is AMAZING.
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this is the most amazing picture i have seen so far
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