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The Dragon Tamer

That's an idea I had for quite some time in my mind. :)
I was painting this in my free time, in order to make it a poster for my room (of course it could be your poster too ;)).
Made from scratch in Photoshop.
I hope you like it, enjoy!

View the steps here: > [link]
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This looks like it belongs on a cover of a cool fantasy book.

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This image inspired me throughout my adolescence and never knew who was its author. By chance you appeared in "more from deviantart" and it was great !!! Thank you very much!!! :D :D :D
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Ryu Jin No Ken Wo Kurae !! 
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super moody. NICE!
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Awesome artwork and cool armour design, congratulations! Clap 
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This as a poster would be awesome! :heart: Excellent concept, buddy! :iconthumbsupplz:
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I really like his armor. The scenery is really good too.
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Very futuristic feel to the knight armor. Cool.
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thats actually a wyvern=P (Razz) 
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This is actually my desktop background for quite some time now. I didn't know you made this picture. Good job man!! :D
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Hehe, that's great to hear :D
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Do you mind if I use this for a Yu-Gi-Oh card I've been thinking about making
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You can use that as long as you link back to the original, thanks.
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Cannot wait to see what it could do all grown up and finished with training.
Awesome painting, it is so detailed and stylish, Exctremly cool armour especally the helmets faceplate.
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AWESOME helmet
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the helmet looks a bit like predator from the AvP movies :3
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Wow, I'm stunned! Awesome! :faint::D
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Great work, but one question: how does he fit the pony-tail through the back of the helmet?
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nice manipulation :thumbsup:
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Damn that is one menacing dude.
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Hey just to let you know, this artwork was stolen and put on that Art4Love website. The site is down but this website has all of the art screencapped. I noticed yours on the 2nd page and recognized it.: [link]

Here's some more info on what happened if you don't know about it already.


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Hey, thanks a lot for letting me know!
I hate it when that happens...
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