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Hello, fianally, here's one of my new works. As you see, it's inspired by classic fantasy themes; a badass-looking archdemon in a full plate, holding a great axe, guardian of the gate to the underworld...
Original size: 2700x4000 px.
Made from scratch in Photoshop.

For a closeup view, take a look here > [link]
For a wallpaper version, go here > [link]

Enjoy, I hope you like it! :)
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Kinda medieval gothic Spawn
LadyBodom's avatar
Amazing! I want to download the wallpaper.. but the links arw crashed =(
ChrisGallagher's avatar
your use of light sets you apart form many artists out there -
Deligaris's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!
DarthIchigo's avatar
this is amazing.
greenleaf-elfy's avatar
Eisai tromero talento...

EInai kai auto teleio? ti na pw...

mallon thelw :pills:
azure-corruption's avatar
OMG!his white hair,OMG!
dude nice pics u rock keep up the good work .. well CyAz!!
LouFerrigno's avatar

pretty cool :D
Silver1441's avatar
You have to love the slight teasing of the blood splattered about him. It makes the viewer take a second glance, rather than scan the picture. I applaud your outstanding craftsmanship.
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Hehe, thank you very much! :)
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:jawdrop: Ah, gotta love the archetypes :D
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Ceminon's avatar
I like the hands on the background, grabbing the bars. Nice work.
Pulsatron-Diagnostix's avatar
Excellent job. Thanks for sharing...
essgeewan's avatar
Can you say fucking awesome.
ShMaiz3R's avatar
Wow ! .. really awesome piece ..
I pay 30$ to see this guys in action ^^" ..
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this is godlike work.... i fav it .....right now....
tekmeb's avatar
holley sheet!!! Wowsome!!! :+fav: instantly!
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I've got a bloody axe like that...
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