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Purple Dragon

An illustration of a purple dragon.
Painted from scratch in Photoshop.
Thanks for viewing!

*This is used as a cover of a reissue of the third novel of The Cormyr Saga trilogy (Forgotten Realms) - written by Ed Greenwood/Troy Denning.
You can view the covers of the other 2 novels over here >> [link]
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Would you mind me using this artwork for a role-playing site where this would represent me character? Credit will be given to you as it is your work as well as a link back to this page. Not the google shortcut but to this site on deviant-art where you posted the art.
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This is the BEST Thauglorimorgorus I've ever seen!
havaba's avatar
beautifully made! 
Derkna's avatar
Really like the scales!
TheeBear's avatar
Wow. Beyond awesome.
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Aren't they the Knighthood of Cormyr?
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could I use  your  dragon  for a contest  here    with credits
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So you were the one that drew this picture!
I've seen this guy all over the internet!
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Did you give permission for this to be used on checkbook covers sold on Ebay???…
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reminds me of spyro the dragon
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My stepdad had me crop this a couple of years ago to have tattoo'd on his back.  Glad to have found the original artist!
ian-has-a-nice-ass's avatar
Seraphim-Sentinel I'm sure you have seen this already, but this one is soo awesome!
I thought I'd tag you ^-^
Seraphim-Sentinel's avatar
Yep, love this one!! The Ice Dragon is amazing as well. ^^

I really want to draw a crystal dragon. Still a ways to go to learn how to draw crystals. -.-
ian-has-a-nice-ass's avatar
Love that one as well! 
I can't draw them either =P
Well I can't really draw anything that well, so it's no surprise =P
Seraphim-Sentinel's avatar
Oh, I know that feeling all to well. So much of what you see here on DA is amazing. But I know how it took years for them to become good. Years of sketching and overtime they got better. 

I recently found a great tutorial about art in general: How to become an artist - Tutorial. Made me wonder if it is not to late to begin again. Then I decided to cheat and continue doing 3D because I am lazy. ^^
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I love that dragon.  I wonder if I could try to have one as a pet.  lol.
This makes me think of my Dad; he always used to draw dragons. I lost him unexpectedly in July 2014 and when I saw this dragon I could almost hear him say how "bad-ass" it is.
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Hey there, I think someone is using this for their book cover (without your permission)? The credits are even covered up.…
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That detail!
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Sweet .... Gotta have purple dragons ... Then maybe I'm just bias ; )
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So many scales... great work!
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