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Mind Flayer

Another race from D&D that I like. Mind flayers are evil subterranean creatures with pscionic powers, such as 'mindblast', and they dwell in the Underdark. They especially like to suck the brains out of living creatures.

Painted in Photoshop.
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Lovecraftian much?
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No they are from R.A.Salvatore's The Forgotten Realm. Illthid is the true name if their species.
Awesome work! The details on the head is the best! (Illithids only have four fingers on each hand though!)  
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Elan: Aren't you going to eat me brain?
Mind Flayer sniffs him
Mind Flayer: Nah, I'm Good
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I really like mind flayers (which is why my profile picture is a clip of Jeff Easley's AD&D Adventures in Space painting). I'm a fan of Spelljammer and in SJ the illithids actually had a space empire. They flew around wildspace looking for places where they could make slave raids.

I'm gong to submit your picture to the Spelljammer group on dA as I think they will love this picture too.
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked that!
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Totally tentacular! I enjoyed the role they played in the spelljammer campaigns. I like the heatwave type effect you accomplished above the head, very Mind-Flayer-ey!
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I feel the arms are a bit too stiff and short, but this is still an absolutely gorgeous piece. Mind flayers were always one of those things you'd have haunting your dreams at night. Faved!
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it feels like a really classic rendition, i love it :D
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Thanks for the honor! :wave:
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You're welcome! ^^
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Ahhh, Mind Flayers... right at the top of the D&D list of Names To Run Away From Really Fast.
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Squid Magicians from Demon's Souls LOL GREAT stuff!
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Just started watching you, but this is my fav image so far. Illithids, Mind Flayers, and anything resembling Cthulhu tops my chart.
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use your art for a custom Magic The Gathering custom card.
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