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I made this image as a commission for a large poster (so, no print of this will be available). It's a custom black dragon with silver spikes/claws, dwelling in a limbonic environment where no other creature could survive...

This is probably the largest (6000x4000 px.) and most detailed piece I've done so far. I made it from scratch in Photoshop, bit by bit, shaded each and every one of the scales seperately, the rocks, etc. There's also pixel-level detail in some places. Phew, I'd say that this was the most enjoyable commission, hehe! ^.^

You can view a 50% closeup here -> [link]

Enjoy and thank you very much for your support!
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This pic is amazing! :)
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So much detail! :faint: And the coloring... is so nice and eye-friendly, at least for me. =D
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Zoom in view looks out....standing.  ;) (Wink) +fav Clap 
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Oh no.

The link!

D: :noes3d: Noes 3D 50x50 derp patrick gasp 
Hi I love this piece and would like to have  a wall mural made of it for my sons bedroom as a christmas gift. My problem is to have the mural made I made a picture of very high resolution and to be like 3600px by 7200px, is there anyway you might be able to help. It would be hugely wonderful if you could Thanks
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Might have been the spikes on the back of the leg (a guess)
Oh, wonderful light effects! The clouds in the background and the effect of the light from below on the scales is just mesmerizing. Looks like the sort of creature that would have an easy time gobbling me up because I'd just stand there with my mind going "guh" while it closes in on me. Awesome.
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I LOVE this picture...but if you don't mind my asking, and maybe I'm just looking at it wrong...the right front leg looks horribly twisted. What happened there or am I just looking at it funny?
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I think that's the spikes on the back of the foot :D
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Wow, amazing, well done
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Dragons have always been my favorite creatures. AWESOME!
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Awesome. I love the air of apocalyptic mystery and the deep colours are beautiful !!!
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Bad ass, man. :XD:
u have a lot of good pics
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Absolutely incredible. Great design, colors and pose on the dragon.
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con que programa dices q lo hiciste ??
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Epic!! Just amazing!!
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Wow wow WOOOW! I ADORE your work! This is so BEAUTIFUL!! Intense and mervellous!
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This is more than just epic >.> awesome, fav :D
and this one too
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