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August 30, 2016
Fire and Blood by Deligaris is imposing, elegant and beautifully painted.
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Fire and Blood

Finally, a personal piece after a LONG time!

Portrait of Daenerys Targaryen - "Game of Thrones" fan art.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!
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Awesome work. How's things going?
Our Dany is going to really light it up... The dress is terrific BTW! Keep goin'!
GeisKing1's avatar
Beautifully done! Love the details.
Elochai1989's avatar
I'd love to see Daenerys wearing these clothes in the new season
Bilzebub's avatar
Incredible work, very well done.  I'm not a viewer of GOT but even I recognised her immediately.  I really like her outfit, I actually think you would be well-placed as a costume designer or a conceptual artist, perhaps.  You definitely have a talent there which could be put to good use in the Film/Television industry.
shadowyzman's avatar
Beautiful work mate :) I love her outfit
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Morthulwen's avatar
Awesome work as always! 
RaidenSnake's avatar
I'm not even a remote fan of Game of Thrones, and I find this picture of Daenerys wonderful.  Great job, and keep up the good work!
BudderBrownie's avatar
Luv her dress. I want one xD
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Elchanan's avatar
Beautiful work!
DANGERcomics's avatar
Wow!!! This is severely cool!!! B-) Well done :clap:
Tilik's avatar
the knee is ...strange, alsoo her right hand is anatomically unclear... the dragon is stiff and lifeless like a toy etc... but I like it. Looks like a softly upgraded HOMMIII image!
xandraclay's avatar
I like the fiery colors, the dragons look amazing and the way the light shines off the gold armor is pretty too. Clap 
Deligaris's avatar
Glad you like it!
breyflar's avatar
Our future Queen looking amazing!
Deligaris's avatar
Finsterdrache's avatar
looks realy authentic
mistress-of-fire's avatar
The art is great, but the boobs make no sense. Her right one looks like it's a lot higher on her chest and I'm pretty sure there must be nipples showing they way they're pressed together.
The dress is awesome, the face great and the dragon stunning, but the boobs give me a feeling "something isn't right" like in pictures where they forgot to photoshop the hand from someone who they erased 
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