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I was inspired by a cave image to make this painting...
Made from scratch in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!
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Amazing art work, well done. Clap Nod 
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I feel sorry for him :(
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fallen angel very good
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my goodness.... aside from a little bit of blurriness at the top of the image, I thought that you had used a stock photo of a snake in a cave then drew in a guy over top!!!! It's so realistic that I feel like I could reach out and touch it!
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Who's that guy with the wings?
Ohhh.... wonderful work with the colors and light from up ahead. The picture even _feels_ cold. 

But that poor angel. Seriously. With the wings and the chains and that does _not_ like a good floor to be nude on... I really think the poor creature was enough trouble without the snake. I'm hoping very much for a gift of grace before things go really bad for him.
I found my account again just to come here and tell you how awesome this is
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exquisite.   I absolutely love this piece. Thank you for sharing...

Is there a story that goes with it..?

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Thanks! I left the story to be devised by the viewers.
would you let me use this as a theatre publicity image?
this picture tells more than a thousand words, stunningly
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your gallery is fantastic
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Thank you very much!
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Wow... That captures everything about being fallen perfectly... :clap:
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wow, Its amazing, really wonderful job!
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Impressive photoshopping!
great shit wow
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wow, very nice piece. It's simple an elegant but yet has so many details! Everything has it's place and everything was thought through by you! I love the shades of the skin (moe like lights, 'cause ther's one big shade, heh). Fantastic!
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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so beautiful, love the concept and composition
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