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December 1, 2014
A beautiful wallpaper packed with detail and cool colours. The landscape is just as breathtaking as the focal point!

Dragon Rider by Deligaris
Featured by TehAngelsCry
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Dragon Rider


That's a wallpaper I've been working on every now and then for fun, so I just wanted to share it with the community in case someone else wants to use it as their desktop. I hope you like it!
Painted in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!
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There is a notorious thief using your art to sell stolen art through facebook and print on demand sites. Thought you should know. Perhaps help stem these artist gutting pirates with a report.

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I admit..................... I actually used this as my wallpaper when I actually had a Dell laptop (now I have an Apple).
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Beatiful dragon, but I don't like the whole rider thing. Dragons should be powerful and magnificent creatures. Is this one sentient?
Sailor-Touko667's avatar
They don't always allow a rider, but those who do... rider and dragon share a strong bond.
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It's very well done.
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Yes, I like it! Thanks for sharing!
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I really liked this, but unfortunately noticed some faults. First off, it looks like he's sitting sideways on the wing. Second, without going into the details, the dragon's legs are 'off' as well, particularly the forelegs.

I love your style though. :)
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Don't fall off the dragon, staph it, get some help.
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Skyrim vibes . 
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Wow. Are you the original creator of this work?
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How's the little knight get up there?
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wow that looks so cool looking so yeah well done on this =3
Someone is using it as the cover to a truly awful "book" on Amazon....…
Just thought you should know.
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Someone has uploaded this to their DA, can be found here The Royal Dragon

Edit: found it more then once in their gallery Dragon - rider mountains
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This is gorgeous.
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I love this dragon picture.  This is by far one of my favorites I have come across.  Thank you so much for sharing!
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Truly amazing!
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