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Double Dragon

I have made this as a commission for a b/w tattoo design, but I liked the concept so I added some colors and polished it a bit more.
Inspiration reference: [link]

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Great Job,
Keep it up.
Can i see the B/W Version.... 
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Yin Yang! Martial Art Dragons! Great pic!:)
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Hey, some people who may not be you are taking credit for this image. (#4) and… credits Katherine Lopez (the owner of the above bestpickr).
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This keeps amazing me, really nice work
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Waow just amazing !
Lovely! I loved to draw dragons at school, but never in this detail, I think. I adore how their tails, too, are entwined. 
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This is seriously gorgeous!!
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Love this! So BOSS!! =)
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Awesome just AWESOME:happybounce: 
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Amazing , i like and the black and the white dragon together.
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wonderful concept, and impressive execution. This is a very eye-catching piece.
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This is wonderful!!!
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This is truely amazing. Especially when you think about the meanings of the ying yang.
I love the wrapped tails and the wings are gorgeous. Keep up the good work, man.
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Thank you very much!
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