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Dark Angel

Here's a painting that I was working on occasionally. Inspired by the Diablo universe.

Painted in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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"Dark Angel" is a dramatic work resembling a combination of evil power with various portents that are shown in both the subject and his surrounding environment. Dark clouds gather (as the ravens simultaneously form his wings) as fireballs descend from a sky with details so bold as to almost enable one to hear the calamity. Bright colors are made outstanding, and there is a clever melding of the armageddon realm with the character. Contrast is bold, and the angel bears a supernatural strength, facial expression, and otherworldly weapon with symbols that portend DOOM. He is all that is left for any still alive to be annihilated in this forbidding place. This critic is very impressed with the striking details of the work -- the dark silhouettes of the broken landscape background against a roiling sky, and the different colors/features of an evil character that rivals the originality of Clive Barker's "Pinhead" and would with certainty enhance the dark angel "Skar," from the early Vampirella comic magazine series. The dark angel here is very well presented as a center figure that practically demands a high rating (all emotions aside) and gets it from this viewer. One's curiosity is still piqued about the title though: if a male witch is a warlock, what then would be the actual name of a male dark angel? This person confesses to having no familiarity with the "Diablo Universe," but a nightmarish part of one that would be formidable to even Dr. Strange (of Marvel Comics) is finely depicted in this stunning creation. "Skar" arrives for sure better than ever here. Well done!
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I looked up dark angel paladin on google to see if anyone has made a picture of a character that i had make for my DnD campaign and this is the closes thing that i had seen not exactly the same but have to say it looks soooo good 
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words can't describe
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wowzers!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Awsome image I love the effects for the sword.
niiiice could i use this for my book? PM me back if ull let me
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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I love the crows coming off of his wings
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reminds me of the darksiders angels
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could it be? ... hmmm ... this remembers me of Izual from Diablo 2.
This is outstanding, but the sword could've had something different , its a little to simple for the complexity of this piece.
Either way... I love it :D
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Thanks! No he's not something in particular. :)
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either way... nice work
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This piece is truely amazing O.0
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Hoo boy, I don't think I'd want to meet this guy in a dark alley. Or anywhere else for that matter!
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Excellent work.....beautiful....
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holy shit! Death Incarnate!
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This picture is amazing.
The raven wings are what really brings it to a new level.
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If my character ends up looking anywhere near this good in Diablo 3 I will never stop playing it!
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