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Bounty Hunters

Here's a painting I've been working for a while in my spare time. I wanted to go for a classic fantasy/RPG scene, so there you go.
Made from scratch in Photoshop.

Thanks for viewing!
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Guess few Fire blasts would be enough to make a grill of BHs.
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:icondragonspif: And the majestic beast tests the warrior couple, to see if they ARE worthy. :iconanimefaceplz:
What an outstanding masterpiece of art! :iconawwloveplz:
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The woman seems to have forgotten that you need armor for fighting dragons.
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I can totally picture the next scene...

Woman: *realizes her armor's missing* WHAAA *dashes back home quickly to redress*
Man: *realizes she's missing* Dang it. Just like last time.
Griffon: *thinking* You just HAD to hire the stupid one, didn't you?
Dragon: ?
...well they just threw away rheir lifes
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That dragon looks confused as fuck....
Hunter: hey, you!!
Dragon: * wakes up and lifts head * the fuck?
Hunter: we're going to kill you!!
Dragon: I'm trying to take a fucking nap!! My god, don't any of you respect privacy?! Like damn!!
Hunter: oh don't worry, you'll be asleep soon enough....
Dragon: like Hell I will!! * starts to fly off * by bitches!!
Hunter: wait.... what?! Hey!! COME BACK HERE!!
Dragon: * in the distance * fuck no!!

But anyways, amazing art! I love the add on with the Griffin, its neat. I've never seen a Griffin so fluffy! O3O
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As in all of your pictures, the detail is just... wow.
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VERY TALENTED my friend 
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everything is impressive in this image, but I have to say the gryphon is my favorite element. Great work.
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Epic battle scene you've drawn here. I can almost feel like the picture will start moving and the battle will commence. :)
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The contrast of the adventurers at the ready and the dragon's almost unperturbed posture makes me think that dragon has the upper hand and knows it. :D
awsome love it, thanks for posting
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Glad you like it!
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Absolutely stunning!!:o (Eek) 
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WOW! You're art is amazing. Some of it kind of reminds me of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. they're two of my favorite artists.
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Thanks, glad you like it!
GaB0TiC0's avatar
You're welcome!! 

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gaaaaah this makes me want to play dnd
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I love the details of the environment. <33
That dragon looks so relaxed. He knows he owns this battle. :XD: *coughespeciallyagainstthewomancough* :XD:
I like that you can see some veins in the dragons wings too. :)
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how awesome would it be to have a griffin
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