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Reminds me a lot of Darkwood. I like it.

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Wow. I love this.

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Some decent breeder ... the two bells catch the eyes btw

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Hi, Yes probably I can draw.

I interested much to work for concept art, book illustration.

Thank you so much.

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Hey, DelicSaike, aldmeridominion is an art-thief. He's just hoping you will take his request so he can snatch your work later. He spams similar messages on hundreds of pages. You and your artwork deserve better.

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Is it possible to report posts on dA? I've seen this (usually "can you do an elven city next?") spammed on very many deviations lately.

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Yes, you have to go to your profile in the top corner and select Give Help & Feedback. You can search for how to report spam from there, which has a link you can use to submit a ticket. But have a few links ready for them along with the user name of the deviant spamming this message. He'll end up making a new profile, so keep an eye out for him.

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Thank you for telling.

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