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X-307 wip 8

Threw it into c4d for a fancy render, which took 4 minutes!

500k so far
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I love the design. It just seems so smooth, streamlined and technologically advanced it would have been an absolute thrill to see it in action. :) 
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Real shame this was never finished, loved the design
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That could be a Chiss Star Dreadnought
mind if my friend uses this in his story?
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she is a beauty! great work!
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beautiful design looks like half way between the destiny from S,G,U and the Normandy from mass effect,
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Thank you:) Both of theese insiped me in the creation of this vessel
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Really like it. Great work.
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very nice work here :)
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fancy render? modo can do better you know...
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Yes fancy being 5000x3000 with ambocc and a light. But using modo where there's a light in the scene, half the model will become entirely white because of the stupid specularity, and you can't combine ambocc with anything else and it takes ages to render! Tried Layout by the way, it was absolutely hideous. Never before have i witnessed such a disorganized UI and unnecessarily-hard-to-do-everything. But i'm not giving up yet:P
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i see.. and yes the modo amboc works with other things.. but you have to set what it should be besides difuse amount/color you have to add spec reflection color etc etc for it to work and it isnt hard or time consuming you just have to know how.

so you CAN combine ambocc and you can play with it unlike other apps which dont let you play with the amoboc look.

as for the lights you do know that you can set the intensity right? and you can kill the spec and difuse if need be.

and well yes and no LAYOUT is far easier to work with then modeler but they both suffer from the terrible LW UI yes.

anyway if i were you i wouldnt go down the modo+C4D route as its iffy to work between them and errors are frequent unlike a modo + LW pipeline where errors are pretty much non existent however the LW UI and renderer isnt the best out there..
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I did try spec color/amount but the contrast was still astronomical, maybe my spec maps was to bright. Knew about the lights and that but turning off spec all together looked weird.

And yes importing modo objects into c4d produces tons of errors like the different mesh objects doesn't retain their position, so everything has to be in the same object. But this also happened in LW, not a big problem unless it messes with the scale of the different objects. I'm going to try that program you linked me now:P
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yes probably to bright on the specmaps then ye.

that happened in LW for ya? weird as ive never had that issue... for me modo to LW has allways been flawless..
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ya, very fuk'n good.
Look like this ship needz powerful cannon in the nose detail... Is it a big brother of "Normandy" from mass effect, lol?
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