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adrenaline rush

for syntax clothes
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sweet colours and font bro:D
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nice font and composition
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your logos and typography are just so damn good... every single thing you make is dope.
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i hate u...

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80's Hair metal styled
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i love this one :D
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nice logo/type
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Rush of adrenaline and spiking vital signs. Makes sense. :}
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Swietne typo 6+
Delicious-Daim's avatar
danke. co z dedosem? czemu go nie widac nigdzie?
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Narazie wstrzymal swe konie wydawca :) i wszyscy sa w stanie zawieszania do odwolania
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i wouldnt have done the L this way
and something is wrong with the roundness of your font doesnt fit well with the subject
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Finally a polish guy who knows what's his doin ;) keep on the great stuff comin mate ... ( zajebjoza ) hell my polish sucks as i never lived in poland :) pump more stylish stuff ..
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excellent :clap: i like the little lightning bolt
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here's a quick question..

which one u prefer... Arial or Helvetica ?
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i like the typo... :)
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Man, that typework is badass!
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im excited to look this....:d
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