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ethereal arms slowly encircle the dark sapling
hot breath escaping slender lungs,
fog blasting into the cold like rampant fire
tensely rolling toward the core,
shimmering in that icy air

oil-slicked bubbles to capture in Her locks,
the jewels that fell from Her eyes
She cries for Him, no jewels from His eyes,
but the emeralds themselves
to look, is to be cut
the fog curls deeper in,
a binding thickness to hold within
smother the limber form, the sapling bends
:iconlisolette-anwe:Lisolette-Anwe 2 13
She's been split to the core
twisted daggers sent her sprawling.
Stumbled, tumbled to the grave,
perched and chanted his list of names
scratching the stone she straddled.
the bitter heart has fallen, decayed.
a husk, crumbled to ashes.
The wind will ever pull the dust away
left alone to dry her wet lashes.
:iconlisolette-anwe:Lisolette-Anwe 2 6
Untitled II
I remember tenderly—that opening you
and I embrace; a casual
fondling of souls amid muted conversation (
saying something, without ordered variation—
a symphony by unison), witness
to a flowering closeness;
           calculated by scent alone
the intimation of that exquisite first stroke
—a rhythmic intersection of organs
nightly warming;
:iconneohephaestus:neoHephaestus 2 15
Those little silver bells hung like water droplets,
sparsely on the edge, a small pleasure to behold.
Her veil a brilliant mist that moves about her--
a stratus.
Ever in orbit, guided by bejeweled spidery fingers
created just to pluck and pull,
giving birth to great sweeping gestures.
Silk clad motion, gravitating about her like sail boats.
Dark chocolate eyes to summon and speak when her lips disappear.
Hidden beneath a starry mask covering her humble mouth,
keeping all her secrets.
:iconlisolette-anwe:Lisolette-Anwe 5 13
My rest
My Rest
I don't know why, but I don't feel like living no more.
Feel like slitting my wrists, life IS the biggest whore.
Taking drugs and alcohol, to help me through the days.
But I know I shouldn't really, the deadliest of ways.
Feels like tenthousands of voices are shouting in my mind.
But if I look inside, there's nothing that I find.
Will death be the answer? Will it give me rest?
I honnestly don't know, let's put it to the test....
:iconavarax666:avarax666 1 0
That Park Bench
I've walked past you a dozen times
As you sit on that park bench
For what feels like eternity
I've walked past without a second glance,
Never noticing the intensity of weathered eyes.
Or the slight smile playing on creased lips.
I've walked past so many times,
Rushing towards my destination
Never wondering if you've reached yours
But today I don't walk past.
I join you, on that park bench.
And become your silent companion.
:iconlahere:lahere 5 22
each dart of sharp white light
illuminates fierce bright gems
whom hang on hard brown reeds
:iconhaikai-no-renga:Haikai-No-Renga 1 3
Defreeze - lit
Summer's poppies on her cheekbones,
hair beaded in a white crown.
She whisks off some tinsel,
a princess with mittens
and a hot chocolate smile.
:icondiamondie:diamondie 5 13
The Dress She Wears
The Dress She Wears
It rides the slow curve of her hips
pulls tight against them as she walks
her gait confined to conscious steps.
Not long enough to be lady-like,
too long to be whorish, it falls
heavily over tired thighs, licking
the tops of her knees.  The neckline
plunges.  A greedy vice, it squeezes
the bulk of her heavy breasts up
until they spill out for all to see.
Its coarse and jealous-green fabric
scratches her most delicate places
rubbing them raw, I know, until
her skin weeps a salty pink.
Made before we were born, it is
given us by our mothers and theirs
before.  It suits us just the same.
The dress she wears is thin as skin
and frayed beyond repair.  Lined
with fear and trimmed with guilt,  
I put mine on each morning, as if
it were the only one I'll ever need.
:iconsculptorchic:sculptorchic 75 39
-:Glomp:- by fl00fy -:Glomp:- :iconfl00fy:fl00fy 240 61



United States
Current Residence: where I am
Well Thankfully I did find some really good poets. I was afraid that I wouldn't.

Did you know that in the forums that DA actually has a poetry prose forum? I didn't know that. But my god,they all seem so cruel as if they'll eat you if you go in there. My-oh-my.

Anyway I joined a sort of club

Literature ODD Stamp by literatureODD

I was a little put off by the fact that I wasn't able to post my work and it is also still glitching but that's alright. Everything it okay. At least it's up.

Anyways, I have s'more exploring to do on this very grey site.

To all Americans out there, Happy turkey day.

Sites and such that I found lingering on other  peoples journals, so nifty.

These sites are compliments off of Lisoletteanwe's Journal.

Their account:

Another really good journal:

DA's poetry Forum:…

Poetry forum:…


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