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I'm not sassy, I'm bored

But not bored enough to sleep with you.
says Shane McCutcheon. :love:

I obviously don't have anything better to do with my time. On the up side, I'm relearning my Photoshop. :D

Download for the full size of 800x600. Yeah, I'm getting there. XD

Textures by ~yawee
Brushes by ~Luizalenora
Two raws used are from [link]
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h-e-m-f-b-c's avatar
I just love her smile and her sexy, unsmiling face~~!!!
Wow...lets hope loving her is not a crime :D
Ookamashkitty's avatar
Can i have her? Please? D:
She's SO hot.
Excuse me while I fantasize. :drool:
Brenna-Bear's avatar
Shane is sooooo hott....
MsNJS's avatar
EXCELLENT JOB! This is looks fantastic, i love the style brushes etc. She looks SO good in these photos.. I love me so Shane
delgadina's avatar
Hehe, thanks! :giggle:
inkteardrops's avatar
the very reason why so many straight girls are becoming metro-flexible
Bouhgirl23's avatar
I love it ! Nice use brushes and textures :+fav:
fuctupgirl's avatar
i love her

if i were gay, i would sleep with that woman

oh my god!!
delgadina's avatar
Wouldn't we all? Her sex appeal is off the charts. :boogie:
she's very pretty!
if i were gay i will sleep with that woman too
josephacheng's avatar
abeltran's avatar
You're really bored. XP

But yeah, it's nice. :D
delgadina's avatar

Thank you. :flirty:
Luizalenora's avatar
Very nice picture, and very nice photoshop usage!

And thanks again for the reply about the brushes ^^
delgadina's avatar
Thanks! Your brushes are pretty. :D
beawho's avatar
I find her so strangely attractive for a lady.
delgadina's avatar
It's the appeal of the androgyne.
josephacheng's avatar
Reminds me of the failed XS Litmag - androgyne :rofl:
delgadina's avatar
That sounds like something I'd like to check out. XD
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