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Little Generals page 1

Page 1 of 5 of my (very quickly drawn) little generals comic.

Oh PGSM, the things you made me do :) I always loved the Generals on Sailor Moon, more so in the manga then the anime where they got screwed around with, so I decided to make a comic based on them.

Sailor moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
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I like them being good little generals... particularly Kunzite
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I no..! I cant believe that he was pickin up a 14year oldish kid!!!

But what with the list jedite has!
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It's a list of all the bad things he did, in the manga, anime and live action show. Alas it became harder to read after I scanned and resized the picture.
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hehe x] Just as i was getting to like jedite he died.. How ironic.
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Omg lol nephlite is such a bad general! Trying to pick up molly!
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Yeah, that was a reference to the anime, (particularly the English dub). That relationship always kinda freaked me out as a kid.
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ahh high school girls...
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