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Happy holidays deviants! Enjoy the holiday break.

I just uploaded the 2nd version of Deleket.Com and I'm currently testing it for some bugs and dead links. Please check the site and let me know what you think of the new look. If you find some issues and dead links please let me know. I'm still working on the updated stock icons so it may take me awhile before I can make everything functional. Please check the site here.

I've added some extra stuff at the download section as well so if you're looking for new stuff from me, this is the section you need to check. I'm hoping when 2010 starts I can devote more time doing free icons and cliparts for the community. I'm out of my day job for now so that means i'll be freelancing full time, and more updates for icons and stuff. Let's be friends on facebook too. Add me up at

Thanks and happy holidays! I'll be moving to a bigger place in the coming days so wish me luck. Cheers!
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The site looks amazing! I love your use of slight color variations to produce dimension (on your icons and logos).

Also I did notice the bluehive's View Project link is actually going to the hebrew page. Just an FYI.
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oh thank you very much for the feedback. ill check it now. thankses
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This is awesome mate. As much as awesome as your icons :)
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thank you man. cheers!
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fuck me this is sexy man, I am soo inspired seeing this, I'm going to try something of a similar color pallet for fun :D

btw Merry xmas man :wave:
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wow thanks man. im glad you like this one. hope to see your work based on this. :)
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my pleasure , only sadness was I saw links are gone :(
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its on the about page. 2nd icon from the last. in the navigation bar.
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Great site, nice and easy to get around. And Merry Christmas! :la:
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wow, nice logos there. you really are my idol :D :woohoo:
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A very sexy website indeed.
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Boo on the no job. Hooray for free stuff. Good luck on the move!!
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