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this is just a warning for those who shop on spreadshirt and buy stuff from a certain user named artpolitic.

i receive an email from someone about my stuff being sold on this shirt site. so i check the links and yes it was an obvious rip off. others we're slightly edited but still pretty much the same, rip off!

here are the links.…………

some screenshots i took.……………

i browse more of his work and found more. maybe other designers were ripped too.

i contacted the site via email like 3 times already, more than a week ago but i never got any reply. i even signed up so i can contact this person but they dont have this messaging system commonly found on any decent shirt sites. ive checked for any help area too but found none. so i ran out of ideas where to report it. im just confused why for a big site like spreadshirt, they dont have any support for reporting rip off and illegal designs like this. i just hope they do not tolerate such act.

for the person involved, i have no idea where to contact him. and i have no intention to. sad. if you have a way to help me contact someone from spreadshirt just drop me a note here.

spreadshirt they replied to me just now and promised to removed all suspected rip offs. i think they recieve a lot of mails everyday thats why maybe it took them awhile. thank you spreadshirt.

as for the guy i got an email from him. not yet replied im not sure what to say.

thanks for all the help.
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"this is just a warning for those who shop on spreadshirt..."

Never heard of 'em, but now I'll be sure to never shop there.

If there is any justice in this world, spreadshit will suffer (for allowing these antics, and for what looks like general suckage) and artpolidick will be forced off The Internets to assume his previous life (before profiting off talented artists' work) as a steaming pile of giraffe poo.
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dude, thats seriously messed up, I usually don;t care for ripoffs but someone selling your stuff is just lame. hope hes taken down real quick
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This link my help :-)
as well as this...
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thank you very much m8. but i think i emailed that address already. and have read the faq about illegal design except they don't have mentioned what email to use for rip reports.

thanks. :)
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i posted this issue in the spreadshirt forum and i cant believe what the other users were saying, like its just inspired or just similar.

fucking hilarious! [link]
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:hug: I'm sorry to read that - your work is among the most polished in that style ... sad to see ppl have no shame !
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I did some digging and found out quite a bit. I am going to get a Note of info together and send it to you in a few minutes.

I think the culprit has a dA account, which may prove useful in contacting him.
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what a total cunt :(
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