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Hello friends!

Anyone here on dribbble who would like to draft me? I just signed up there and hoping someone could draft me so I could show some stuff. Looks like a pretty neat place to show in-progress works. (Yes, that's all I have right now. All unfinished works.)

And so sorry for being inactive and for the sloppy submissions lately. It's been more than a year already. I'm swamped with my day job and still struggling to manage time to get back on doing personal stuff. I miss this place badly and I'm still trying to figure out things how can I get back on track.

Also if you follow my works maybe you can add me on Google+. The email is deleket@gmail.com. I'll be using this to update most of my creative works instead of Twitter and Facebook. Deleket.Com's redesign is in the plan so watch out for it too.

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"Your search - deleket@gmail.com - did not match any documents."

"Your search - deleket - did not match any documents"
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oh im so sorry for this. i dont understand what could be wrong. can i add you instead? just give me your name and ill search for it.

Jojo Mendoza - deleket@gmail.com

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Well, you're missed. I'll add you on Google+ :)
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Hello old friend, I'll see what I can do, I don't have any invites right now myself, but I might be able to get a mate to invite you instead :)

Please send me a note with both a link to your Dribbble prospect page, and also your email ;)