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a few weeks ago i was commissioned by resolva to do a logo for his website. ( even if he had little money to offer i decided to work on it since he is a fellow deviant. so i did and send him a few studies and a number of revisions based on his wishes.

you can check this sample  and see how it goes.

after i sent him the files, the guy just disappeared. after our initial email conversations, i never heard anything from him again. after 3 follow ups i decided to put the project on hold, and eventually canceled since its been more than 3 weeks already.

a local computer shop is interested in buying the rights for the concept and illustration. i checked the domain today just to make sure before i transfer it to them, but the site is actually active and they're using my idea|logo.

i'm not really surprised. i had this feeling that he's been planning to ripped this project off from the start. he was unusually too nice for someone who orders a job. ive been reading comments on his page and i notice he's fond of commissioning people to do work and will just disappear.

very unprofessional, and lame. if i were to ripped something ill make sure the author won't find out. for a logo with the domain name as the logotype, you're freaking crazy if you think this can't be tracked.

i can do gratis projects btw. all you need to do is ask. now ill be taking the rights back. i might give it to the shop. if aaron luckie | resolva contacts you for any graphic work, well you have been warned.

here's the site for funny cabin and here's my work , and in case they take it out here's a screenshot

this is my first try doing commercial stock icons. i have a few sets in my files so ill be releasing them soon. just don't know where to put them first. and i made free samples and ill be uploading them here. i'm cooking up a christmas holiday iconset and will be ready in the coming weeks.

happy holidays!
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I know this is an old journal
:fork: but "[link]" is great for preventing future rip-offs if you have paypal. Watermarking is probably the only way to allow previewing of your work. ;) Hope this helps.
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thanks for the link. ill look into it.
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looks like funnycabin is no more
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Hey, am I interrupting in this unhappiness thing, or can I make a request?

I just love your icons! It's the most complete set of icons I've ever used... I wish I could make art, but I suck and I only have ms paint...

So, here it comes: It would be awesome if you could make icons for VMware, ms paint, microsoft office (the mac icons, but cartoon'ish and with black lines around)

That'd be awesome!

By the way, newb question: Do you paint the black borders yourself or can you make whatever-software-you-use put em?
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will try to make soon. my day job is really toxic. the black borders are just outlines it can be done in any vector program.
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WTF i hate this SHIT OMFG :ohnoes: we need to spamattack these fools to show them who's boss. or make the graphic design union to protest working :)

btw the site seems to be done. reported the host?
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the last time i checked its already down. and i heard hes been trying to sell it. not sure. but im with you on that one. :D
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it's happened to me too many times. you should ask for full payment upfront, which is what i do. or maybe escrow/invoice
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thanks for the tip. :D
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please check your mail. I mailed you yesterday.

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he is now selling the site
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wtf! thanks for the info dude.
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no probs, I googled the site, and your dA came up second or third lol
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yeah i tried it myself. anyway i sign up on talk freelance and commented. :D
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That's horrible I hope you find a way to shut that person down!
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if i didn't get any reply ill try to contact the hosting co. thanks.
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oh, i'm sorry (even if we never spoke, i love your work, and from time to time pass to visit :D )

this kind of people make me sick. he could simply say he wasn't able to pay, and as you said you've probably make him a logo the same, but at least you'd have some kind of credits, and so advertising..

but this way is just too bad.
can't you try to do something asking at dA help? i heard they usually try to help
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thank you. im thinking of getting a DA complaint maybe in the next few days. im not sure i have to read stuff about this.
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hope you still have your private maessages, or mails as a proof

for now i found this:
!"Harassment: Need to report a case of harassment or general abuse? You may do so at the Help Desk and your inquiry will be passed up to the Copyright and Etiquette Team. (Be sure to include links to particular cases of misconduct as the Copyright and Etiquette Team will require proof to act. Also include the username or link to the deviant's user page.)"

this contains some interesting parts, even if it's not exactly what you're looking for [link]

and this is the help desk link [link]
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many thanks for the info. im trying to find out first how many of us here has been ripped by this guy. then after this maybe we can send a complaint.
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aw im sorry, some people just like to stab in the back
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ouch! its ok. just wanted to share so everyone can be careful next time.
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I submitted a picture to his website which read "Don't rip artists' logos, ASSHOLE". :plotting: I did it from an anonymous IP too.
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