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hello friends! my little website is now online so i just wanted to throw a shout out. you can check it here.

this is basically my small online portfolio so i can have a website that i can point clients to if they ask for sample works instead of sending huge JPEGs and PDF files. i'll be hosting a few exclusive freebies as well so you might want to check the download section from time to time. (yeah i don't know how to install an rss feed yet)

this is still in the works. i'm actually a rookie in web and most of this are just plain html and css and some javascript i get from dw libraries. but i'm kinda happy it came out pretty simple and clean.

i'll be working on my web development skills now so i can work more on this like maybe a contact form, rss, download counters, and blog. if you can help me on this then please drop me a note.

and since i'm done with this part already, i'll be back working on my DA projects. i've got tons of ideas now for new icons, buddies, and some clip arts too so expect more submissions soon.

im also on behance now where i put mostly my client projects. if you're in the network too then lets be friends. here's my link.

thats all. if you do visit the site please let me know what you think. i'd love to hear from you on how we can improve this.

i was advised by… that i was nominated for Best New Iconist. voting starts 23rd april so vote for your favorite DA designers. they say you can vote by sending them notes so there you go.
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im voting you, and dont change the look of the website, just add that aqua-vector-thing-which-you-do-to-your-icons-look. lol :yum:
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thanks. voting where? im actually working on the redesign of the site already. probably adding more contents and integrating wordpress.
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Great online presence. Very easy on the eyes.
With an air of casual elegance.
Very nice.!!
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wow thank you. :)
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This is excellent, I'm glad you got your own website, out there. I will be visiting you from time to time.
Keep it up buddy! ^^
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wow thank you.
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You are very welcome! ^^
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I visited your site. Downloaded tons of png images and one wallpaper. btw, good site.
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nice site. (love how one of the mp3 players in te download section is a Creative: Zen Microphoto)
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awesome!! cool stuff man
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did you sort out the contacts page yet ?
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not yet! but i fixed the links already. and i figure i need to do more like contact, rss, and others.

thanks man.
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ok cool stuff bud
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I like it, interesting design.
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lookin' neat :D
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how about rss? I would use it :)
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yeah i dont know how to work on that yet. ill put it on my news section though.
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k! then I can add you to my feeds :)
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kewl. Simple and user friendly. A great place to return and view.
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"Im pretty amaze pre. Ang galing. Sana maging ka2lad mo rin aq. hehe
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salamat. nadaan sa illustration. actually kung walang pictures at bg. puro text lang parang document. basic lang din kase alam ko e.
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"Pro aus p rin pre. Mas mgnda nga tingnan ung simple lng. Ung mga work mo nga nagbi2gay buhay sa site mo.
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