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Hello friends!

Anyone here on dribbble who would like to draft me? I just signed up there and hoping someone could draft me so I could show some stuff. Looks like a pretty neat place to show in-progress works. (Yes, that's all I have right now. All unfinished works.)

And so sorry for being inactive and for the sloppy submissions lately. It's been more than a year already. I'm swamped with my day job and still struggling to manage time to get back on doing personal stuff. I miss this place badly and I'm still trying to figure out things how can I get back on track.

Also if you follow my works maybe you can add me on Google+. The email is I'll be using this to update most of my creative works instead of Twitter and Facebook. Deleket.Com's redesign is in the plan so watch out for it too.

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I recently move to a new host. and with that i forgot to back up my previous wordpress blog. so right now im restarting it and using it to upload some decent icons pack that might not get in to deviantart.

i have uploaded a couple of new collections already and will continue to share some old files. i hope you can check them and leave me some comments. they are located here - and here -

i also updated the site with new projects so please check them out and give me some feedback.

let's be friends on twitter and facebook too. my accounts are here - and here -

thanks everyone who's been following my work from the start.
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this is just a warning for those who shop on spreadshirt and buy stuff from a certain user named artpolitic.

i receive an email from someone about my stuff being sold on this shirt site. so i check the links and yes it was an obvious rip off. others we're slightly edited but still pretty much the same, rip off!

here are the links.…………

some screenshots i took.……………

i browse more of his work and found more. maybe other designers were ripped too.

i contacted the site via email like 3 times already, more than a week ago but i never got any reply. i even signed up so i can contact this person but they dont have this messaging system commonly found on any decent shirt sites. ive checked for any help area too but found none. so i ran out of ideas where to report it. im just confused why for a big site like spreadshirt, they dont have any support for reporting rip off and illegal designs like this. i just hope they do not tolerate such act.

for the person involved, i have no idea where to contact him. and i have no intention to. sad. if you have a way to help me contact someone from spreadshirt just drop me a note here.

spreadshirt they replied to me just now and promised to removed all suspected rip offs. i think they recieve a lot of mails everyday thats why maybe it took them awhile. thank you spreadshirt.

as for the guy i got an email from him. not yet replied im not sure what to say.

thanks for all the help.
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I receive a nice treat from a friend from Sao Paulo the other day. I just want to ask you guys if you would be interested in getting stuff like this. Please check this
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Happy holidays deviants! Enjoy the holiday break.

I just uploaded the 2nd version of Deleket.Com and I'm currently testing it for some bugs and dead links. Please check the site and let me know what you think of the new look. If you find some issues and dead links please let me know. I'm still working on the updated stock icons so it may take me awhile before I can make everything functional. Please check the site here.

I've added some extra stuff at the download section as well so if you're looking for new stuff from me, this is the section you need to check. I'm hoping when 2010 starts I can devote more time doing free icons and cliparts for the community. I'm out of my day job for now so that means i'll be freelancing full time, and more updates for icons and stuff. Let's be friends on facebook too. Add me up at

Thanks and happy holidays! I'll be moving to a bigger place in the coming days so wish me luck. Cheers!
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hello friends! my little website is now online so i just wanted to throw a shout out. you can check it here.

this is basically my small online portfolio so i can have a website that i can point clients to if they ask for sample works instead of sending huge JPEGs and PDF files. i'll be hosting a few exclusive freebies as well so you might want to check the download section from time to time. (yeah i don't know how to install an rss feed yet)

this is still in the works. i'm actually a rookie in web and most of this are just plain html and css and some javascript i get from dw libraries. but i'm kinda happy it came out pretty simple and clean.

i'll be working on my web development skills now so i can work more on this like maybe a contact form, rss, download counters, and blog. if you can help me on this then please drop me a note.

and since i'm done with this part already, i'll be back working on my DA projects. i've got tons of ideas now for new icons, buddies, and some clip arts too so expect more submissions soon.

im also on behance now where i put mostly my client projects. if you're in the network too then lets be friends. here's my link.

thats all. if you do visit the site please let me know what you think. i'd love to hear from you on how we can improve this.

i was advised by… that i was nominated for Best New Iconist. voting starts 23rd april so vote for your favorite DA designers. they say you can vote by sending them notes so there you go.
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a few weeks ago i was commissioned by resolva to do a logo for his website. ( even if he had little money to offer i decided to work on it since he is a fellow deviant. so i did and send him a few studies and a number of revisions based on his wishes.

you can check this sample  and see how it goes.

after i sent him the files, the guy just disappeared. after our initial email conversations, i never heard anything from him again. after 3 follow ups i decided to put the project on hold, and eventually canceled since its been more than 3 weeks already.

a local computer shop is interested in buying the rights for the concept and illustration. i checked the domain today just to make sure before i transfer it to them, but the site is actually active and they're using my idea|logo.

i'm not really surprised. i had this feeling that he's been planning to ripped this project off from the start. he was unusually too nice for someone who orders a job. ive been reading comments on his page and i notice he's fond of commissioning people to do work and will just disappear.

very unprofessional, and lame. if i were to ripped something ill make sure the author won't find out. for a logo with the domain name as the logotype, you're freaking crazy if you think this can't be tracked.

i can do gratis projects btw. all you need to do is ask. now ill be taking the rights back. i might give it to the shop. if aaron luckie | resolva contacts you for any graphic work, well you have been warned.

here's the site for funny cabin and here's my work , and in case they take it out here's a screenshot

this is my first try doing commercial stock icons. i have a few sets in my files so ill be releasing them soon. just don't know where to put them first. and i made free samples and ill be uploading them here. i'm cooking up a christmas holiday iconset and will be ready in the coming weeks.

happy holidays!
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