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iTunes And Quicktime

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dock and desktop replacement icons for the newly updated iTunes 7 and Quicktime 7. both for PC and Mac

full preview here. [link]
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deema78Professional Artist
Hello. Used this for Elegant Edition Splinter which can be found here
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Thanks for the note! Cool stuff!
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fullmindsoulofsorowStudent General Artist
for some reason my avast said tht tht was a trojan on the file

why? o.o
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i know. :) it was submitted like 3 years ago.
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Maybe time for something updated? *Winkwink* ;)
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Sorry, forgot to mention above ... this could happen to anyone; many malwares aren't always detected by all anti-virus programs the same way, and many times a warning could be just a false positive. Here, I tried to DL this three times, and always been reported with the same warning. So, because I'm already the third person mentioning the trojan here, I suggest to completely change the file.

Keep the good work and thanks for your ups.

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that's kinda odd. im on mac now and downloaded this pack just now. and found no exe file or any malware. just the icons.

ill reupload it if i could but my files are archive on back up CD library. and its a pain trying to look for these particular set.
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Hello, Deleket, today I've found your page and have been watching your work, it is awesome, you really have a gift. However, decided to DL this one and my Avast started warning for a malware :

Win32:IRCBot-COD [Trj]

Trojan Horse

VPS version
100222-1, 02/22/2010

I see it isn't the first time this happens, and it is a real pity because the icons are great. I'll DL it anyway and try to clean it.

If you don't mind my advice, if I were you, I would delete this package from DeviantART, repack the RAR from original files, and upload it again.

Congratulations for your wonderful job !!
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aaahhh!!! You sent me a trojan!!! Poo, I wanted to use the orange one.
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this is actually the 2nd time someone got a trojan by downloading this. i have downloaded and checked the file myself again but it was clean. not sure what could be wrong though. im using avg 8 btw.
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i like these icons but idk how to make it stay my icon!! i ried copy and paste method it works but! the icon is smaller than the actual normal itunes icon...not that small but small that its noticeable is that how it is suppose to be?
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im not sure. the ico format i made hase 16 up to 256 px size. it depends on your desktop settings. and yes it might be a little smaller than the original.
arctic-wombat's avatar sent my a trojan horse...:tears:
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meaning? my devart files are clean i think.
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Wstv-News-23Hobbyist General Artist
also deviantart doesn't allow potentially dangerous files to be sent. they probably have spyware on their computer
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I don't know...I think it's not your fault...I love your work...maybe someone has appended his virus at the download...strange...but it's okay!^^;
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i see. we should contact helpdesk. ill try checking the files first. thanks.
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ok...maybe it's a individual case...we'll see!
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yeah i think so. i downloaded the file again and checked and it was clean.
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most excellent. :D
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Awesome! Thanks!
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