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Sleek XP: Software

this is the first set from my Sleek XP Collection. its been in my hard drive for months so i thought i should upload it even if its not really complete. this has only 70 icons of commonly used software, most of which are those that i really use in my dock.

we can call this a starter pack for now and will update it with more icons very soon. You can download the PNGs here. check the links below for the other file formats.


updated with some 50+ software.

ICO - [link]
ICNS - [link]
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Hi - I'd like to use the widget icon in my commercial app - it'll go well with our current icons - I'm happy to pay - I don't want to use it without permission. I am on skye "JigsawTrading" or you can catch me on a message here - don't want to put my email addy on here because spambots will get it.

Many thanks

Peter Davies

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This may not mean much coming from a 60 something gentleman but this set of icons looks like art to me. Your icons will not only accomplish their purpose but will look beautiful while doing it. Thank you.

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Sadly it doesn't have the firefox and thunderbird icons.
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Yes they are hard to redraw in this style.
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Rapidshare link is broken.
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Try this - [link]

Only for the PNG's. My account at rapidshare has been deleted.
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gracias por compartirlo .
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Try googling aquadock! It's a nice windows app.
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Very nice work!
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Great collection!!!
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Can't believe there's no puTTY icon! :O

Awesome work though!
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Thank you!
omg thank u so much! *_* i've been looking for this one of google chrome
you did really good :)
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wow thank you.
Hey Man is There any way to make automatically join the icons to their programs?
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Candy Bar for mac.
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for xp you have to do the "right click - replace icon". i forgot already how to do that exactly.

there's an app called aquadock. its a real treat for windows users.
Thanks manthis ur program is awesome!
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Very nice icons! Love them!
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