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Microsoft Office: Mac

i did this like weeks ago. i planned this to be a part of a bigger pack but because of huge workload, i wasnt able to complete it. 6 icons only (5 office + 1 msn messenger) in PNG ICO and MAC formats.

improve the style and highlights a bit. plus added 3 office icons for those windows users needing access, one note, and frontpage.

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Awesome icons!! Def gonna use em ^^
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Thanks Enjoy!
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wow, these stunning icons look so damn good! thank you very much!
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estan chidisimos!!!!!
gracias estan chidisimos!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks a lot... i meaning to change the 2011 icon with these...
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thanks! always liked these icons better than the default ones ^^
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Very nice Icons!
The Powerpoint icon is a bit disproportionate. A bit smaller maybe?
i need some help here >< i've tried a lot of microsoft office icons and for some reason they just never show =( microsoft office doesn't show on candy bar so i did it the way where you copy and paste the icon into the get info folder. However whenever i do this the icon doesn't appear and it changes to this icon that says ICO with the Preview program picture on it. I don't really know why i can't change my microsoft icons.. does this have to do with the fact that i'm using microsoft office 2004?
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im not exactly sure on macs. ive recently switched to mac too and i have no luck changing all the icons. except for the ones on my dock.
this design is sooooo awesomee. can you pleeaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeee add microsoft publisher to this???
i dont need it anymore, just found this instead [link]
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i really loved the icons, coz the suck-y icons of the 2008 office doesn't work well with my other dock icons. i tried changing it but can you teach me how. i cant seem to make it work. thanks :D
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nevermind. haha, it worked na, :D thanks!!!! love it
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The blue icon is the letter "Shin" (in Language: Hebrew)
and the bottom orange icon is the letter "Qof" (Hebrew)
Look at the Hebrew alphabet:

Cya :)
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wow i didnt know that. they are just english letters like the original mac office icons. W for word and P for powerpoint.
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Trust a mac to make anything "original" lol... :D
But they are awesome. I'm going to use them on my dock :)
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some of this icons is in Hebrew not English :S
but very nice work
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thanks. but i dont understand. whats in hebrew in what?
DUDE! These so rock! Beautiful work dude!
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