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Justice League Wallpapers

Been experimenting on creating textures in vector using simple lines and patterns and came up with this wallpaper set.

I created minimalistic design of the 7 original Justice League members since their logos and emblems are pretty much easy to recreate.

7 sets of wallpapers for desktop (1920x1200), iPad (1024x1024) and iPhone (640x960 at 300dpi). Sorry for the huge 35MB download, these are exported at maximum quality to keep the texture and details.

For updates and previews of my works just follow me here - [link] or here - [link]

Thanks and enjoy!

iPhone only - [link]
iPad only - [link]
Desktop only - [link]
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Any chance you could do a Green Arrow? The textured look and style is AWESOME! I would love to have a Green Arrow one.
Awesome finding, they are awesome, thanks a lot for share!!!
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these are great!exactly what i was looking for!

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Omg! You made a Martian Manhunter wallpaper! You are officially my hero. It saddens me to discover how few people know who he is. Thank you!!!!
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Thanks. Enjoy the Martian Manhunter!
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it would work nyc on the other hand i was wondering if i could find the sgs s i9000 icons...!!
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I though apple couldn't run flash.
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Wut? They are provided in image formats only, no Flash.
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But Flash is one of the wallpapers. *hint hint*
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Awesome work! I'm using the Batman wallpaper..... On my Android phone. MWHAHAHAHAHA
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Great. Sorry for missing android. Too many screen sizes.
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It's cool. lol. Only took a minute to re size for my phone.
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Beautiful work! Do you take requests?
Hi there! Just came across your work. This set is beyond awesome! If you are still taking requests, could you make one for Green Allow? My son, Oliver, would love to have it. Thanks a bunch!
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Sure but I'm quite busy so I cannot promise a fast reply!
Love your work!!
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This is clean and cool, nice work!
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Great just the kind of wallp I usually look for, excellent work! They're so much better than the random phone & wallpaper picture sites out there that are just trying to load as many images as possible & make you load as many pages as possible to get the images one at a time just to spam out your data rate. Thanks for sharing! Hope you don't mind, I cropped the Superman & Batman ones in half vertically for personal use, & twice the appreciation. But if you like the idea it would be excellent to see a Batman/Superman combo with the modern logos!
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Thanks. No problem at all. :)
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nice work. textures are simple and clean.
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