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Sweet Apple Acres

Babby's first background.

(I realize this will be useless to a lot of people as I cannot convert it to .svg, sorry about that.)

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I used this in one of my comics, mainly the clouds but its still your image so..... Thanks for making this! [link]
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Awesome, man! :D
I know how you feel about sorry Adobe though. As much as it costs, you’d think it at the very least export (or import) a common STANDARD format! All those *.svg files I can’t import. :(
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Well it is a vector format, not exactly Photoshop's domain.
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That’s true, but Adobe does sell their software as a suite. I just think there should be a lot more interchangeability at that price.
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hell yeah! useless, indeed. can't use it as wallpaper due to his size. but the job you did on it worths it great. i dunno how much times you spent on it, probably months, but it's amazingly amazing. i'm on the a$$. totally
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You could re-size the .psd, but it's not exactly wallpaper material. Took me 3 weeks, btw.
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And how fantastic it turned out!
Thank you so much for making this for me. :)
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I shall steal this.
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I wonder if that's Carrot Top's section of the farm in the backround...
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Sweet Apple Acres/Community Gardens
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Yeap, the barns, storage huts and of course, :) err, I wonder what's with that orange house in that background. :?
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Oh yes, and the store huts, probably for the ciders.
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I don't think so, the cider is probably in the cellar.
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