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Roseluck Bedroom Eyes

Roseluck is so fun to vector, I love her color scheme.

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Used this in a test of some image software, I was wondering if it'd be okay to upload the results provided I credited you.
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used and credited [link]
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She looks great!
Well done.

Darth Cygnus
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This vector has been used and credited here [link]
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Why do I love Ponies giving bedroom eyes so much ?
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she looks like she is barfing
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Good stuff. Can't have too much Roseluck. Her Cutie mark is backwards though!
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Bedroom eyes? :? Or do you mean flirty eyes?
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Is there a difference?
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What I mean is the meaning, I'm confused. There's no such vocabulary that says bedroom eyes, that's why I want to correct that and say flirty eyes. Bedroom is already easily comes to mind is, you know what I'm talking about and I don't want to say it openly. ;)
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Very nice. There is much potential for captions here.

More Roseluck! :dummy:
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From a distance, it looked like she was throwing up blood O_O
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