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Daring-Do the Magnificent

"I'll take that!"

If you're wondering about her wings, they aren't visible at this angle: [link]
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May I use this vector in an image I have planned, if I give credit?
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I used this in my Wallpaper and credited you, I hope you didn't mind! Here's the link: |Link|
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Very nice work!

Can I use this as an avatar in a forum?
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Used in a wallpaper: [link] , if that's OK with you.
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Hey, mind if I use this in a forum signature?
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Hey, i used ur work in my first PMV and credited you :)
I'm sorry i haven't had time to ask permission from everypony but I credited every single one of you.

- Striken /)
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They should show the sequel to that

Darring-do and the.....(insert someting ponish here) (insert something Indy jones here)
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They are behind her back.
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Is it okay if i use this for a wallpaper?
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Of course, go ahead.
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Reminds me of Indiana Jones obviously. :)
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