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White Dragonness

just a Photoshop sketch of a dragonness to show i'm coming back into drawing :)

she is more than just some random dragonness. she is a character. its Claire, if you remember her poorly drawn in "Intimate" (search my scraps if you want to see that pitiful thing) shes also a Half Dragon, like Yuki, and this is her dragon form...somewhat. like Yuki, shes been around a long time, but lately the vast majority of my characters have been in the process of redesign and she is one of them. this is pretty much what she looks like. she is scaled. i just couldnt put em in right now without em looking like crap. still other tweaking needed but it is essentially her.

anyway, really quick. she is pure white (if you couldnt tell lol ;P) and like Yuki, resembles someone else. but its more her power and abilities than her physical appearance. she gets it from this dragon [link] who is Delbin's younger sister, Shootingstar(thinking of a possible name change). she's not in Rebirthing nor is she in its sequel. she comes much much later in the main storyline. and the term Lesser god is also most likely gonna be scraped for a new term. (agh! that picture is so old and craaaaapppp!!!! it needs to die!)

anyway, enjoy this half done sketch :p might play with it more later, but not now. i got bored with it at the moment lol
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Wow awesome picture! Great job on the anatomy and the pose is brill. She looks so proud :D. Love the idea of a white lineart on a black background as it really does make it stand out :aww:. Great job :D
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thanks! :D im hoping to flesh it out some more using the white to actually make a full picture out of it instead of just a white lineart lol ^^;
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Oh cool. Can't wait to see it :aww:
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i love her pose and the preportions.

side note, is delbin's younger sister in rebirthing? just cause this is the first time that i have heard of her.
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no shes not. and shes not the only one. he has another younger sister and a younger brother. im still reworking how they come to be and stuff. like Delbin, theyve been around almost forever and are in desperate need of "repair" lol xD i drew pictures of all of them over 3 years ago and they can still be found in my scraps. back then i referred to all of them as "the Lesser god" series but im thinking of scraping that since they arent even gods to begin with. lol :p
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