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i am no longer active on this account! if you want to follow me and my art go to RyuuLight :iconryuulight:

Favourite Visual Artist
All my DA buds!
Favourite Movies
a lot :p lol
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet :D
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey all the way!
Favourite Games
Okami, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Ecco(PS2) DDR, SSBM, Spyro, Zelda:TP
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, Gamecube
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pen, and computer drawing tablet
Other Interests
God, Jesus, drawing, dragons, fantasy in general, life, biology :)
i am now RyuuLight ( ~RyuuLight ( there is nothing there really yet. reposted my Tekalli picture just to put something there for the moment. i am transitioning over. so slowly i am going to delete all my watchers and groups i am in. but dont worry. i will rewatch most of my watchers. especially if youre in my friend list. so dont fret about that. took me long enough to do this. i couldnt think of a username that doesnt have a character name in it and doesnt sound too cheesy or anything. might not be the best username but better than other ones i came up with. i am going to let as many people know as i can. avatar will say it. my tag say
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well. im back from Panama!!! :D :D :D had so much freakin fun! i wanna go back! :cries: i have a shit load of photos i wanna share. not cuz they are cool (which they are) but i never knew how much i loved my freakin camera! it took sooo many good photos without me trying! i knew Canons were good but i didnt think they were THAT good without going professional lol ill post some soon. and not on this account. yeah. im trying to think of a good account name that i wont regret later on lol no i dont regret 'delbinfang' since thats the name on just about every online account i have (so if you see that name anywhere on the internet that be me lol)
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soooo...reason i have been inactive yet again? im not in the United States right now. im in Panama :) yup. just arrived last night. but its not for vacation. im taking two classes while down here for about a month. Terrestrial and Marine Field Ecology. im taking the terrestrial course for the first two weeks then move to a different part of panama for the marine course for another two weeks. as you can tell i have internet. but my understanding is only for the first few weeks. other places we go to don't have internet. oh well. i didnt really bring my laptop for only browsing the internet anyway. i have pdfs of my class readings and stuff on
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1, 2, 3, 4!! *sings*

Happy happy birthday from all of us to you,
We wish it were our birthday so we could party too!
Happy happy birthday from all of us to you,
We wish it were our birthday so we could party too!!

*stops singing*

Happy Birthday!! :cake: :party:
Why is everyone moving accounts.....
soooo i read your deviant id and this just means that your setting up a new account for all your stories and keeping all your art here, or what?

ps. me thinks that im going to be reading your delbin story again....
no im moving entirely. nothing here will be deleted but i wont post any more art here. i wanna move to a new name and start over in a sense with the drawing. this is staying up so i dont clog up peoples fav folders with that retarded 'deviation' in storage' thing. plus i like to see how far i came along. so, dont worry. im not really going anywhere. ill let everyone know when and where im moving. im going to make it as obvious as i can make it lol

cool :) glad you like it. i am thinking (in quite a whiles away lol) of re-writing it. there are some things that i want to change up/update and whatnot. mostly timeline and things like that. the story itself is the same. but some things i plan on changing to make the time flow more plausible and whatnot. just a heads up ;) but that wont be for quite a while. chances are ill start the sequel before i do that. not sure yet. who knows? might do both at once. might confuse people but who knows? lol
oooh, ok.
but by no more art here do you mean drawings and stories or just all your new stuff in general?

its great that your thinking of a rewrite for Delbin im shure that it will be even awesomer XD

btw im doing another refrence-ish type page for Nix. he will look mostly the same, im just cleaning up some of the clutter (those wing spike tips, idk what i was thinking)
i mean nothing new will be posted on this account anymore.
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"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
- Anais Nin

Pass this on to all of your friends that have created a new part to your world :hug: