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Autumn 2020 _Pinup Image

A new pinup...under a new time, difficult times, different times. Four years ago I decided to pause creating my Pinups for many reasons...personal and professional. From this time until today, I worked very hard to be a good artist and improve my work. I did, actually, great progress. I grew a lot and achieved many of my professional goals. But, during this COVID-19 quarantine, I did a lot of thinking and felt myself missing something that could make me feel happy again. I understood that I was missing the joy, the freedom, the fun...I was missing the feeling of being part of my art not only as a maker but also as a subject. And that realization changed everything. I was missing my Pinup Art. I was missing the amazing energy of seeing myself mirrored in every single pinup image I already did and I can do. They are my joy and I decided to come back to this happiness. This Autumn 2020 Pinup image officially marks my return as a pinup artist. I want to share with you this new time and the new collections of Pinups that will be coming. I hope they can bring joy and give you a good reason for a big smile! Visit my Pinups and my Artwork at:
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Absolutely stunning. The flowers are beautiful!


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Excellent work. Love the colours. Well done.

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I'm glad you can do what make you happy, that's important when a person want to create art, we leave our soul in our artworks, how great, you're very inspirational and a great artist!!! Keep it up!

btw, I love pinup art and autumn so I love this work!!! :heart:

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I know the feeling - welcome back!

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