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Current Residence: Helsingborg, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Metal, goth, industrial, neofolk

Favourite Visual Artist
HR Giger, Gustave Doré, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Nils Gulliksson...
Favourite TV Shows
Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, The Wire, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Walking dead
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Opeth, Cure, Cranes, Watain, Dead Can Dance, Electric Wizard and many more...
Favourite Books
Lord of the Rings, the Elric-novels, the Conan-stories, The Naked Lunch, anything by HP Lovecraft
Favourite Writers
JRR Tolkien, RE Howard, HP Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, William Burroughs...
Favourite Games
RPG's (pen-and-paper)
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, brushes, photographies and Photoshop
Other Interests
Music, art, reading, writing...
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Well, perhaps a little dramatic title of this journal entry... But I haven't been active on DA for a few years now (having kids can cause that effect!). Finally I got around to produce some new stuff, this time around some B/W line art drawings, inspired by old school fantasy RPG's. More to come, sooner or later, so feel free to stay tuned or check out some of my old stuff. Cheers!
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I mentioned in my latest journal update that I had some more dark art images coming up, and I still do. But as you can see the latest additions aren't that dark... I've always been a huge fan of the psychedelic art of the late sixties and early seventies, and after making a flyer for a work-related event in that vein, I was very inspired to make some images in that style for my gallery. So I started experimenting and found it really enjoyable and inspirational! Within a week or so I've managed to create six different images in my spare time as well as a bunch of sketches and ideas for future projects. I've drawn inspiration from the classic f
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First of all I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to all of you that have left comments or added favs the last few months. Usually I try to respond as quickly as possible, but I haven't been active at DA for quite some time now. My new job has consumed a lot of time and energy, which have lead my creative activity to suffer. So it is with great pleasure I return, adding some new material! This time around I've uploaded a batch of eight new images, and as you can see for yourselves if you browse my gallery I've started to explore the darker side of digital art. I've got some more material in the same vein that I'm currently working on
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hej, jag undrar om det e ok att låna lite av dina bilder till mitt nystartade Mutant UA forum?
Nice gallery... coola bilder.
Ja, den var riktigt snygg =) Jag gillar mutant också så!
Ah, trevligt med fler som gillar Mutant! Jag kan tipsa om att jag har några nya Mutant-inspirerade bilder (dock svart-vita)som jag ska försöka färdigställa och lägga upp inom det närmaste - om jag bara får tid...
räkna dig själv som addad :)
Ok, jag bockar och bugar! :-)
Love your stuff <33