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PokeVenture Character Sheet



This is for the PokeVenture summer competition at the #Poke-fanclub starting in May!

It's a storytelling competition similar to most original character tournaments - but from the Pokemon's point of view! However, it's a bit more free and relaxed than most OCT's, in fact, it's not a tournament at all! There are no eliminations, but winning entries are given points, and the participants with the most points at the end of the 4 rounds win! :dance:

Check out the PokeVenture blog for more information! [link]


Round 1: You arrive or show why your characters are at the Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City!

This ref is for Pokemon characters only! The optional Trainer ref is soon to come.

:bulletwhite: Make sure you put in a detailed personality overview and whatever history is necessary in your artists comments, along with anything else you wish to add!

:bulletwhite:Make sure you put your character's full body in the two larger boxes, we encourage 3/4 front and back poses!

:bulletwhite:Nature on the sheet is a one word description much like you would see in the game, like Jolly, Serious, Timid, Lax, etc.

:bulletwhite:Make sure you circle a choice in the Age and Gender boxes.

:bulletwhite:Make sure that your Attacks are moves that species of Pokemon can learn.

:bulletwhite:Draw or write anything you like in the Misc box!

:bulletwhite:In the Expressions boxes, draw three typical expressions of your character!

Don't ask to join, just go ahead and fill it out! Submit it to the #Poke-fanclub's PokeVenture folder!

This event hasn't started yet, but we decided to put this up so that everyone could start thinking of their characters! If you'd like to enter the PokeVenture, please read all of the information so far! [link]

If your character has a trainer who will be a part of your story, go ahead and fill out the Trainer Sheet!

Feel free to fill out the sheet for fun, though! -But remember to link back to this template and mention the #Poke-fanclub in your comments! :dance:

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can i ask, do we have to to join #Poke-fanclub to use this? or can we use it without joining?