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Descent Into the Unown



PokeVenture 2011: Descent Into the Unown

The Premise || General PV Info || FAQ

NPC: The Unown of Alph

As of the third morning of the opening of the new chambers within the Ruins of Alph, the once scarce and docile Unown who reside there appeared before the Pokemon and trainers who had ventured into the ruins. With no warning, they seem to have turned hostile and erratic, attacking Pokemon who they see as a threat to the structure of the ruins, and sometimes without any conceivable reason at all.

They sometimes appear to be giving off a red glow, though the reason for this is not clear. They have also stopped all communication with any Pokemon outside of their circle, be they not willing or not able. On the odd occasion they've spelled out a word, it has been one-or-two word ominous warnings or threats.

There have also been sightings of unexplainable apparitions within the ruins, all giving off the same ominous glow.

* Keep in mind, this whole group is acting as an NPC for this year. Your character cannot be an Unown from within this group! Thank you!

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