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Just a quick note to say, I'm off to Otakon~!! I'll be in the Artist Alley all weekend at table M05! here's a map:…

I'll be dressin' in orange and drawing up a storm! :D Hope to see you there!! ^_^
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Hey guooiiizzz :B

Long time no chat! Hope things are all well here on the DeviantArts :) how's things been? whatcha been up to? fangirlin about anything good lately? :D

It's so strange that it's become so quiet over in these parts but.. I suppose that is the way of the interwebs ;3 <3 I myself have just been CRAZY BUSY (is this what it means to be an adult??? D: ) but I figure I would throw an update over heyah! Next weekend marks the beginning of... CONVENTION SEASONNN~~!! Are you prepared?!

Here goes:

---Will be hanging out, in the AA, doing sketches!

---Have Artist Alley Table!

ANTHROCON July 4-8th
---Table in Dealer's Den!

OTAKON August 9-11th
---Table in Artist Alley!

I will be attending all of these with the lovely and vivacious LadyofRohan87! We'll be taking cosplay to some of them (the anime cons in particular!) so look for us there ^_^ I can't wait to see everyone :D Going to cons and getting to see people in person and hang out is something that I really look forward to every year :D

I think this year might be my last Otakon- I'm looking to switch up some of the cons I'm going to, so I'll be on the lookout for more big and exciting conventions to attend for next year :) Other than that, I'll just be working my butt of on some arts, commissions, and preparing for the above cons! Is there anything you'd like to see at my table this year? Feel free to shoot me requests, and I'll see what ends up sticking!

As always, thanks so much for all your support, comments, favs, and just general awesomeness :3 see ya around deviant denizens!!

PS: If you wanna keep up with my exploits, feel free to follow my Personal Tumblr, my Art Tumblr or my new Art Facebook Page! ^_^
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 11, 2012, 3:22 PM
Portfolio - Art Tumblr - dA Gallery - FurAffinity

Just a tiny mini-update here! I'm trying to put together a facebook page for my art so :I i was gonna make an update with that but.. I just haven't gotten around to finishing it up yet WOOPS so xD not yet but- I always wanted to make mini announcement!!

I will be livestreaming 24 hour comic again!!! It's on Saturday, Oct 20th (that's next weekend!)

So I figured I'd put out the early announcement here- on the 20th I'll be putting up more info and actual stream and all that. I'm trying to decide when I should stream? Like.. Friday 6pm to Sat 6pm? or.. more like Sat 8am to Sun 8am? I'm not really sure what would be sweetest for people and sweetest for me? I think I might try to do something more on the friday end, and ending saturday at some point- just so that I have Sunday to recover before going back to work :D

But yes, if anyone has any opinions, feel free to chime in! I know I've been pretty dead here on dA but ;3 I wouldn't let you down for the further adventures of Steve!!! >D mwahahahha!


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More Cosplay Shenanigans

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 9:52 PM
Portfolio - Art Tumblr - dA Gallery - FurAffinity

SO MY DEARS I figured I'll throw another update your way~ This time, with 100% more cosplay!

So Cosplay is one of my hobbies! It's something I really just do for fun- as I've been cosplaying since I was a wee 13 years *w* Alas with my nose to the arty grindstone, the past few years I haven't really been able to do any cosplaying at all.. UNTIL NOW~!

Thanks to my best buddy LadyofRohan87, I have been lately doing a lot more cosplay >3< But since I generally just put up art on my dA, I've not really been showcasing it myself. But the lovely aforementioned Linds actually does post all that stuff on her dA! :D woot! So if you're into photography & cosplay pics, please check out her page! :heart: Also here's a huge sample of cosplay pics of the two of us! I really had a crapton of fun doing Linds' guy makeup in these shoots xD she makes a hot mister ;D These span across MiB, Left 4 Dead and Uncharted 3 :heart:

Rule 63 Uncharted: You come here often...? by LadyofRohan87 Rule 63 Uncharted: Crossfire by LadyofRohan87 Rule 63 Uncharted: The adventurer and the magician by LadyofRohan87

There's also plenty more in Linds' Gallery to check outtttt~ :la:

:bulletorange: :icondel-borovic: :heart: :iconladyofrohan87: :bulletpink:
We really have too much fun, I swear <3

And now you know what I do in my free time ;D What else is up with Del? Welp, other than the usual work, being a tumblr bro, and prepping for Otakon, not much! I certainly hope to see you all there this year :D Otakon just isn't the same without ya'll~! :D

Have a wonderful happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it :D BIG BADABOOMS!!

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Busy as Usual

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 7:14 PM

Figured I should make a new post cause omg, my last one is STILL mass effect? WELP. Putting an end to that!! :D Let's seeeee~ so in news I have a day jobbbb! It's a part time graphic design job, but everyone there is super duper nice, and it's cool, cause it's nice to be able to pay my bills ;D alas, it means I have a lot less free time, so things like the dA checkin' n posting and all that has kinda fallen by the wayside :I Doesn't mean I'm not alive! I promise I'm here, and I do check time to time, especially my notes.. I just don't have as much freetimes as I once diiiid!

So what's that mean? Not too much! Just that you'll be able to find me on some other art websites more readily. If you need me, you should either check me on tumblr or drop me an email (it's just "delborovic" on gmail ;3) and I will do my best to get back to you~!! I do still check my notes, but as I said dA can be a little slow sometimes. My webcomic is still on hiatus, tho I do plan to get back to it soooon! I'd love to keep it going before the summer ends, but we'll see.

I'm still going to be attending my usual cons and all that! I will be at Colossalcon and Anthrocon next month, and of course the big bonanza that is Otakon in July :3

Also- I changed my dA name! AHHH finally people can stop calling me "exiled" and dealing with those two d's and mispellations~ I'm sorry to those of you who this confuses, but I figure this is easier in the long run ;D YES!! Alas I have to have a dash between my name, 'cause I actually signed up with "delborovic" on here forever ago, with the intention of eventually moving to that new name.. but it never happened so xD now i've really just screwed myself :D BUT YES, 'tis I, the del!! worry not xD

What elseeeee uhmm, I got a Playstation 3, so if you'd like to play Uncharted 3 at some point with me, feel free to add me on PSN with the username "tallowe5eva" ;D :heart:

And yup, if you wanna stalk me on other websites, here's all of mine that are currently up and updating:
deltastic tumblr (this is my chatty/fangirly tumblr)
delborovic tumblr (this is my art-only tumblr!)
pocketwolverine furaffinity (furry commissions mostly! :B)
del nabyn (not super updated, but existing!)
deltastic Twitter (basically just my tumblr leaking into twitter)

Regardless, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stops by and comments and favs still! I'm so glad you like what you see :D I'll try to post more arts up here, but it's hard for me to think of things that the best of the best of my work, or that people would actually want to see?? It's a lil high pressure for me sometimes, cause my quality and styles kinda run the gamut! But anywho, just know that I'm still out and about on the nets, and arting up a storm always ;3

THANKS dA! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Mass Effect Make Do

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2012, 3:12 PM
So who's taking next week off, like I am? ;D

I've been waiting a long time for this, and it's finally here! YAY FOR MASS EFFECT! I will be gone from the internets, but before I leave you- I suppose I must share with you some Mass Effect-related thingies~

For one, my good friends AdamWithers & ComfortLove are doing an AWESOME special print-dealie where you can get a print of all the Mass Effect characters WITH YOUR SHEPARD in it for an amazing deal. Check out the journal about it here:

Mass Effect: Draw My Shep Commissions (Closed)Hey, Mass Effect fans! Comfort and I are opening a special kind of commission project to coincide with the coming release of Mass Effect 3 - Draw My Shep!
Here's how it works: In the ME series, you create your own Commander Shepard to play the game with. The decisions you make and how you choose to play the game shape the story around your individual choices. So, in essence, my Mass Effect isn't the same as yours. So if I wanted a print of Mass Effect, my Commander Shepard wouldn't be the same as yours either, right?
So here's what we're offering - Adam completed this huge ME poster:

Now, for $30 (plus shipping), you can get your own CUSTOM 11x17 poster featuring your personal Shepard. You also choose either Ashley or Kaidan as your Virmire Survivor. Hang it over your TV when ME3 arrives and glare at it as if to say "Yes, Shep - you and me again. This time, it's gonna be personal..."
You can send any reference you have - screenshots, photos, or written descriptions. Sh


And now, some of my fav Mass Effect Arts from my favs to enjoy:
:thumb153019099: Garrus by Gobeur Archangel by VBabylon
Where the Heart Belongs by DeadXCross Go for the Optics by OchreJelly Mass Affect Too by Kundagi
Love Triangle by WendyDoodles

Don't say Del never gave ya nothin'!!! :D

For those of you not into it, I am sad for you- but I hope you have a lovely week as well, even if you don't get to experience the joy and majesty of space <3

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Ohayoriffic return and Uncharted

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 10:08 PM
HELLO DENIZENS OF DA! I have returned from Ohayocon VICTORIOUS!

Mannnnn it was a long few weeks leading up to the con.. crap tons of work to do, barely any freetime, but I made it! And I think Ohayocon went super well! Honestly.. I'd say it was the most fun I've had at a con in YEARS! It was really the people that made it so much fun! After not being at cons for a long stretch, it's always nice to get out of the house and see all your friends!! I forget how many people I know that attend these cons, too!! It was nonstop sayin' hi to peeps and hanging out and whatnot! ^_^ So thanks to everyone who stopped by my table, and to all my good art bros that shared the AA with me!! I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU MY LOVELIES~!

A few awesome artists I had the pleasure of sharing this past AA weekend with are:
:icondizziness: :iconcoeykuhn: :iconshycustis: :iconkayshasiemens: :iconinknpaper:
AND SO MANY MOAR!! awwggh :heart: You guys always make my cons :3

I also had an absolutely fabulous time cosplaying, which I actually haven't done in years! So it was great taking time out on Friday while my good friend Liz watched my table --to those of you who were confused why I was suddenly Asian, Liz says hi ;D :heart:!! But while she watched the table I hung out with some of my good friends, spearheaded by our fearless leader LadyofRohan87 and cosplayed.. Uncharted!!!

I have been playing Uncharted with Linds since the first game, played thru the second one the day it came out (at midnight no less!) and now have played the third with her as well. And welp.. I guess after getting into the cosplay, I am finally hooked. But let me not dwell on my OTPs... For those of you who are curious or wanted to see, here's some awesome photos of our group that have gone up on dA!
Please check out and support these amazing cosplayersssss :heart: They deserve lots of love cause they're hardcore awesome cosplay peeps, and if you're into that you'd do well to check their galleries ^_^

Fortune Hunters by LadyofRohan87
We won't take no for an answer by neuropsychotic Villains Win by neuropsychotic

Our Uncharted group included:
:iconladyofrohan87: :iconneuropsychotic: :icondarryngrey: :iconzestypizza: :iconvschnelljr: :iconokoa:

The full listing of all participants is in the info in each pic, but I was Katherine Marlowe ;D grumpy old lady~ It was a lot of fun doing the makeup- and although I know crap-all about applying makeup, I know a lot about portraiture and painting dollfies, so I used those abilities on my own face to what is hopefully good end ;3

So I suppose SADLY it is now back to the daily grind for me! It's always hard going back to normal life after such a crazy fun con ;3 but back to working on commissions and DELVE and all that fun stuff! So I should be around :D thank you again to those of you who came by, and especially those who came by and chatted me up about DELVE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You don't even knowwww hahaha it really makes me happy to know people are reading and enjoying it :3

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Makin' Ohayocon DO!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 24, 2012, 2:22 PM

Okay kiddos, it's that time of year again!! I'm off to Ohayocon on Thursday :D I figured I'd just let ya'll know ;D I will be in the Artist Alley with my usual orange-ness, so look for me there ^_^ Even just to say hi :D :heart:

I warn you tho, I am cosplaying as Marlowe from Uncharted 3 on Friday xD so if I look like a blonde old woman, that's why ;D DON'T BE ALARMED. We will return to your regular scheduled Del on Sat & Sun ;3 i'm pretty excited tho- haven't done an at-con cosplay since Zoey, and I'll be in a big Uncharted group with the illustrious LadyofRohan87! So if you like Uncharted keep your eyes peeled for us ^_^

Once I'm back I will try to do another commission livestream, and get back on updating DELVE with real pages xD so look out for that!

I don't know what else to sayy.... SEE YA AT THE CON! I gotta get back to packing AHHHH

AHHH OH GOD :iconflailplz:

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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 12:13 PM

Just making a lil journal to say THANK YOU EVERYONE for the birthday wishes!! And.. in the spirit of saying thanks.. I figured I'd also make a journal of some of my most favorite works that you guys have given me over the years!! ;v; is a present journal, so all of you can check out and enjoy these piccies too ^-^

:iconorangesparklesplz:THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE :D :iconorangesparklesplz:
Listed in semi-chronological order; here goes!!

---- Relliks ----
Rellik 2: The Reckoning by AshleyCope Vexed and Glorious-Rellik by TheJohnsonDesign Rellik by AshleyCope jump -Rellik by Zardra   Rellik in The City by SHADOBOXXER :thumb106374755: Tease Me by TheCrowchan Fanservice by Liraselle Rellic by staino OC: - digging in the dirt - by dizziness For Del by SuperSecretPantsu Whats a Vampire? by DarkKitsunegirl   Rellik Fanart by ArdentNinja Rellik LoT: tegaki by Koolaid-Girl . by PhantomSeptember Rellik by TammyPhantom Vampire Vs. Werewolf by KidRandom otp by kreugan Rellik 2 by sofia-1989 :thumb166475576: Fanart - Rellik by whiteless Angel Night- Rellik vs Kruela by KruelaD-Savic

---- Rels & Dels ----
LoT: Law of Chibis :01 by Rikyo Breakfast at Tiffany's by TheCrowchan :thumb135115312: :thumb106640150: LoT : kArL v.S. rElLiK aNd DeL by JACKSPICERCHASE Kill it by DarkKitsunegirl The Orange Ranger by NenaLuna DeL by DannaWoodPillow :thumb141350308: Primo Victoria by TheCrowchan :thumb146952558: :thumb165473698: Law of Disney -Rel and Del- by SJTheUke Rel to the rescue by Kaiju-Borru-Zetto Del Fox by SylarSushiCat :thumb261888779:

---- Not-Relliks ----
Commission: Nian and Lobo by TheCrowchan  :thumb106519782:   Adonis by kajoi zankou za chiein by zano :thumb117238180: R:1 - 5 of 10 - Waruiushi by babydahl SDL Double Date: AITN pg 26-27 by TheJohnsonDesign ExiledDelusion's - Zankou by Arzeno OC fanart by OokamiCat Darrell by TheShadowsStrike PE- Halloween LR for Delusion by temiel Heart Go Boom by TheCrowchan

Just gotta spread that luv around :heart: please check out n fav these pics & artists :D
And this isn't even all of it!! To view absolutely everything, check out my Favorite folder here :3!!

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL :D :heart: :heart:

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Happy Holidaze~!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 1:29 AM

HEY GUYS!!! Howzit goin over here?!
Omgg I've been such a dA fail, I know I know ;~; I'm so sorry! I've just been crazy busy as per usual- but I cannot complain, it's good busy! I've been spending time with friends and family, getting some good comics and artings done, and generally just ringing out the rest of 2011 in style :3 I'm really excited for Christmas and sharing time and gifts with the peeps special to me~!

But I do apologize that I've been semi-MIA up in heyah D: awgh I'm the worst friend to ya'll on dA I'm sorry!! Butttt I do have a few good newses :3

I was waitlisted, but I JUST got a table for Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio at the tail end of January! I'm so pumped! So I will be there in the AA so you should come hang out and say hi if you're in the area ^_^

Also, alas I am SO BUSY that I do not have time to do my usual black friday/holiday discount commissions. Omg I KNOW! I kept waiting a week and thinking "my schedule will clear up, just gotta wait.." but now I'm looking and seeing that I'm pretty much booked until mid-January :I wat! Oh the life of freelance artiness! BUT, I would hate to leave ya'll hanging, so I am going to do some livestreamed commission sketches and portraits! I am thinking that will be sometime this weekend or beginning of next week (10-13th-ish). I will announce it here in a new journal when I do it, but just a heads up in case people are interested :3 I do apologize to anyone who was waiting for the discounts w@ perhaps if during the summer things slow up for me, I will do them then instead :D

What elseeee~!

If you'd like to find me being a lil more active, you can always check my Tumblr and Twitter pages :3 as well please please read DELVE Into Fantasy, my webcomic! It's really the biggest time sink going on for me as always ;D and it will be starting Chapter 6 in the new year :3! a good time to catchups is now <3 <3

:icondelvecomic: /shameless pluggage

So anyway, I just wanted to say to everyone I hope your winter is going well! And I also hope you have a lovely holiday season whatever it is you celebrate :3!! I myself am a fan of the season, regardless of the stuff going on, I think it's fun and easy to just get lost in the twinkly lights and the pretty snow and the *w* oouuu~

Anywho, love you guys so much! Thanks for all your comments, watches, and favs, even while I've been less than super-update-y :3 :heart: :heart:

'til next time!

PS: dear god i just had to clear out my comments inbox xD:; i had comments in there since JUNE. JUNE DEAR GOD i am sorry for those of you i haven't replied to! if there is anything important you need to ask me you can always note, and I almost always reply to those :D but honestly I think people get annoyed getting replies to comments from JUNE xD;; WHAT. uggghh but yes sorry everyone <3 just know that i saved them and meant to reply and time just slipped away... :C

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24 Hour Finito!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 30, 2011, 5:42 PM
EDIT: Finished! Thanks everyone who came and hung out at the livestream! I'll be posting the final comic shortly!


Just an early FYI, Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comic day! YAYYYYY!

I will, as I have the last two years, be livestreaming all day w@ for those of you who wanted a heads up, I will be streaming tomorrow, starting around noon EST! I will update this journal with a "i am streaming" header & livestream link tomorrow at that time! I'll stream for as long as my tiny fingers will let me draw o_o!

If you'd like to know more about 24 Hour Comic Day, you can check out the website: !

If you haven't read them, here are my previous years' 24 hour comics:

See ya'll there :D
:heart: :orange: :heart:

tagged w@

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2011, 4:58 PM
I was tagged by AshleyCope DDDDD:

1->You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people fright!!!!!

1) Do you take much interest in politics?
Uhm. And man, when I say um- I realize all these answers will probably be crazy rambling and useless. Anywho, kind-of? I guess I like politics and knowing about it because it's such a train wreck. It's both "yes I want to be informed" and "OH GOD EVERYONE IS ON FIRE THIS IS AWFUL WHY DO I WANT TO KNOW THIS" kind of thing. I both like and dislike knowing about it because it makes me sad for this country/humanity/people in an overall way :C

2) If you founded your own country, what would you name it?
ORANGE. or like.. the Republic of Orange. Or something like that.

3) What's your favourite beverage?
I like Dr. Pepper a lot. Orange pop is up there. As are milk shakes. and Pocari Sweat.

4) If you had to choose your own means of execution, how would you die?
Man Glass you ask awesome questions xD uhmmm... I guess gunshot to the head- with some form of high-caliber bullet. I guess whatever's least painful/most quick/doesn't have possibility of just ending up a vegetable. Was thinking decapitation til I was thinking like "man but don't you live a few seconds after that.." weird. And i hate needles : and also that's boring.

5) What song did you listen to last?
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall - Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots…

6) What's your favourite way to relax?
Watching movies and anime is pretty high up there- as well as video games! But I guess when I really want to chill there's nothing that beats curling up under a pile of blankets (fresh laundry is best) and sleeping. hah!

7) What's the most painful injury or sickness you've ever experienced?
When I was in.. 8th grade I think? I got really bad pneumonia. It sucked because they caught it pretty late, so my lungs were really full of fluid and I mostly couldn't breathe. I was bedridden for months and out of gym class for half a year even after I went back to school. I remember not thinking I'd ever get better, and having vivid high-fever hallucinations about things crawling on my ceiling and that my mom told me she would murder me. I think I freaked her out more on that one though xD hahahhaaha ya'llER LUCKY I'M HERReeeee /oldmantalk

8) Who do you love the most?
My family and closest friends always have my most love. But I also really really love some fictional characters. Like in probably a way that is weird. Like, in probably if I didn't love characters so much I probably wouldn't love art as much. And art, I do love. But I don't know if it counts as a who.

9) What fictional world would you most like to visit?
I know it sounds crazy- but as long as it's a visit, I think.. I would totally visit Kentaro Miura's Berserk world. I KNOW I KNOW, it's seriously awful in a million ways there, but do you know how much that'd make you appreciate living NOT there?? I think it'd be worth the experience, even if I got PTSD from it.

10) Would you stay there?

Questions for tagged peeps:
1. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 3 months?
2. What is something you're afraid of / have a phobia of?
3. What do you hope will happen in this upcoming year?
4. What's something on your computer desk/by your laptop and tell how you got it?
5. What's the weirdest possibly supernatural thing that's ever happened to you?
6. What store was your favorite when you were a child?
7. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up today?
8. If you got a pet right now what would you name it?
9. What is your favorite pokemon?
10. What would you do if your favorite fictional character showed up at your front door and asked to borrow your car because he/she/it's broke down?


also I'ma flagrantly ignore the rules on the "comment on person's dA" cause I just find that rude : and if you guys read my journal you'll see it :D :heart:

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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 10:51 PM

So I had a great year.
Thanks guys :D
thank you for a seriously great otakon. after all the hard work and zaniness to get there, things went swimmingly! I got to hangzzz tite with :iconnenaluna: :iconphantomseptember: & :icondivi: with special guest star :iconbbstard: !!

We sat across from the illustriouses :iconconcentrationmoon: & :iconadriofthedead: with special video evidence:…

Got to AA party hard with the :iconshadoboxxer: & :iconalamus: !

I saw just.. sooo many awesome peeps... I just can't even. I wish I could list you all, but I will probably forget more folks than remember and just feel awful T-T;; It was great seeing all you super fans (I LUFF YUUUU) again this year, sing songs, table rave, and generally have a ton of fun with. You guys really made my year this year :3 So thank you from the bottom of my orange heart :orange:

I wish I had more to say, but I did post more photos/rambles on my tumblr so head over that way to see moooooarrr!

Until next time, I leave you with this lovely Murphface photo:

Artist Alley Adventure by Murphface

:heart: :heart:

PS: this is amazing too:…

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Otakon 2011 MAP!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 26, 2011, 3:04 PM
Here it is, my fancy rainbow otakon AA map! I know it's missing a lot of peeps, but these are the people who I found who either let me know where their table are, or posted it on their dA journal :3 So here ya go:

To get a bigger one (for printing or better reading quality) click here or the mini pic above!

Here's the peeps' dAs in order of the bottom list if you wanna check 'em out!

:icondel-borovic: :iconnenaluna: :icondivi: :iconkayshasiemens: :iconshycustis: :iconcoeykuhn: :iconalamus: :iconshadoboxxer: :iconmynameismad: :iconcubewatermelon: :iconsketchtastrophe: :iconcypritree: :iconimmp: :iconsilvertales: :iconsavagesparrow: :icondizziness: :iconcomfortlove: :iconadamwithers: :iconboneitis: :iconbara-chan: :iconblix-it: :iconcinnamoron:


I'll be seeing you there! I'm packing right now, and will be off Thursday morning. If anyone wants to find me or get ahold of me, feel free to drop me an email delborovic ~~at~~ ! cause since I have a smartphone now, I can reply back n forth via my gmail :D YAY!

Hope to see you all there, for lots of fun arts!!!

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sick n otakonzzz

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2011, 11:24 AM
Hey guys!

I just wanted to give a really quick sorry to anyone who went looking for me at Glass City Comic Con :c I couldn't make it this year. Hopefully next year!!

If anyone's been watching my Tumblr, they know I've been pretty sick for about a month straight now. So that, and the fact that my car is a little busted, are the reasons I couldn't go. xD I'm finally starting to feel a little better, so I really hope I'll be alright for Otakon. I'm going- one way or another- but I'm hoping to be in good spirits and health rather than a Del-zombie xD  But don't worry.. it seems that my being sick was some kind of bad medicine-reaction, and not appendicitis or other things it could have been.. so here's crossing fingers that everything calms down over here!  Hahaha honestly I don't like talking about my personal business, such as these things, publicly.. but since it's been interfering with both my con-goings and my comic updating, I figured ya'll should know. Not looking for the whaaaammbulance or anything like that tho xD Sorry!!

I also hope that, good health providing, I'll be able to do some new arts for Otakon! Is there anything ya'll'd like to see from me? I might be doing some new fanart and badges. I also did a shiny pic of Fenris I've been pondering posting here : it's on Tumblr.. but I feel a little weird still posting fanart xD we'll see!

As for Otakon, you can find me at tables Q06 & Q07 in the Artist Alley! Here's where:… I'll be sharing these tables with the two lovely ladies: :iconnenaluna: & :icondivi: !  So please come find us there :3  Also, if anyone else is going to Otakon and being in the AA, let me know your table number! I'll try to make up an otakon dA AA map like I tend to every year, for ya'll to use!

In any event, I'm going to go curl back up into my hole, and hopefully get DELVE and commissions and everything else that's a month late back on track :c  TTFN guys!

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Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 5:22 PM
Awggggh I've been so dead on dA- I'm sorry! Life and things have kept me much busies. I've also been trying to take time out for myself between work and everything at the urging of my friends, so dA and the like have fallen by the wayside a little bit. I still luff you guys- and I'm hoping after the summer con season I'll have more time to livestream and put together some fun arts to post :D YAY! I promise I'm still alive, and I've done my best to respond to notes and emails even if I can't get back to everyone's comments in a timely manner ;~;

But, in the meantime, I do want to post that I have a tumblr! i don't check it when I'm away from home, but I do check it time to time, and have sometimes uploaded sketchy arts and things like that.  it's also a ton of random whatevs-style things, but if you guys are into that, you can reach me on there! this is mine: deltastic :heart:

other'n that- I'm just keeping my nose to the grindstone, and I'll see you guys this summer at cons, I hoooope!! for quick ref, here's the cons I'm attending comin up:

:bulletorange: Morphicon May 12-15

:bulletorange: Anime Central May 20-22

:bulletorange: Colossalcon June 2-5

:bulletorange: AnthroCon June 23-26

:bulletorange: Glass City Con July 9-10

:bulletorange: Otakon July 29-31

Be seeing ya'lllllll :D

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March Mania

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2011, 1:07 PM
Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for all your infos and inputs on my previous journal. I definitely got some stuff to ponder about now with my comic! I'll keep trying to do my very bestest best for ya'll!  Hopefully I can get the next chapter moving without too much lag, since I've got a lot of stuff to work on and change! w@ nyuurhurhurhur

Hopefully I will have time to do a livestream in the upcoming weeks, and I'll post about it when that goes down.

Other than that- I'm just gonna disappear into being super busy again- working on comics and preparing for the impeding convention season! My first upcoming convention is Anime Central! So I hope to see ya'll there the weekend of May 20th!

Until then I'll keep my nose to the grindstone. I'll still be checking up here time to time, so if ya'll need anything, just comment or hit me up with a note! Thanks everyone for your support :D

if yer lookin' for me on Pokemon Black, my friends code is as follows:
:bulletorange: 5457-8845-3261 :bulletorange:
Awww yeah~

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DELVE and Arts

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 7, 2011, 5:55 PM
Hey everyone! Sorry I been so ghostly over here on the deviantarts! I love all of you and I wish I had more time to update- but I been working my little tail off, so I haven't really had time for fun arts or fun art hanging out like I used to!

I've had a ton of comics to work on, including DELVE which just had its first birthday in February! I'd like to officially say THANK YOU for everyone who's been visiting and reading it! Now that it's over 100 pages, I'd like to ask ya'll.. what do you think?

Haven't read it yet? Well, if you'd like to it's here:
Or you can also read on dA (a little behind update schedule) here:

I'd love some comments and constructive criticism about the comic. What do you think I'm doing right, wrong, what you'd like to see, and tell me how you think I could fix it! Anything that could help me in the future (ie: "you shouldn't have made a fantasy comic" ..not that helpful) of the comic, and anything that I should think about or consider moving forward would be an amazing help to me. If you want to cite specific pages or panels to make your point, that'd be great! I've really been putting a crap-ton of hard work into this (every week Sun-Tues tends to be ink/tone/draw/write DELVE time exclusively) but I want to make sure that I'm doing my best. And I know, especially in a long comic like this, it's sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees!

I've had some people looking over and checking the writing & roughs before they get finished (thank you SO MUCh guys!) and a lot of the story is long form, so it might be tough to discuss without spoilers- but I'd especially like to know about the art. What do you think? What do you guys dislike about my art? What do you like? Is it working for you in a comic?

But overall I'd love to hear your thoughts! Things were so much easier with Law of Talos- there was so much talk, so much back and forth between opponents and fans, it was great to hear so much feedback and it really kept my momentum going! By comparison working on DELVE is sometimes like working in a void. I certainly don't want to quit- but at times I wonder if I'm going the wrong direction! I wonder too, how many other people working on webcomics feel like this? It's so much tougher than you'd think, working on the same thing sooo long! Geez~

I know I haven't been super active on here, but I will do my very best to reply to everyone, because I really appreciate all the support you guys give me! (I just been drowining in the stuff I have to reply to now w@ homg I so sorry- I'm such a slow reply) Thanks ya'll soooo much~ and I'm sure I'll be updating again more once it gets on to con season! I can't wait to see ya'll there ;3
PS: holycrap it's been so long since I wrote a journal they changed the format of it hommggg xD;;

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Ohayocon IKE!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 25, 2011, 12:31 PM
Awroit- now to get huge mchuge journal off my front page! What hath Del to say? Well I'm super excited cause this weekend is Ohayocon!! One of my favorite conventions! Hope to see some of you guys down there in Columbus, Ohio!

I'll be there with an AA table, and chilling with the always beautiful and bubbly cute-drawin' :iconnenaluna:, her good friend and great artist :icondivi: and my awesome mister will be there as well to draw in the laydeeez~ :la:

But seriously, this year will have a huge amount of sweet artists, and the AA is original artwork only! I'll have all original prints, my comics and shirts, and be taking commissions! So be sure to come by and support the original art and creations and writings of these fine group of draw-ers! Including but not limited to: kayshasiemens, dizziness & savagesparrow ~! :heart: if you're gonna be there too, you should let me know in the comments :D I'll add ya in!

Anywho, sorry I've been so busy- it seems like it's a thing with me lately!- and I apologize to those whose comments I've not gotten back to yet. I will eventually! They are waiting patiently in my inbox ;3 but as always, thanks for all your visits, favs, and comments. Love ya guys! And hopefully in the months to come I'll have more time for fun arts and livestreams with ya'll! I haven't forgotten you, just been running around like a crazed person!

Regardless, please stop by if you'll be at Ohayocon this weekend, and I'll take some time to out to say hi to you personally :D

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Holiday Commissions 2010!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 24, 2010, 9:13 AM
homg guys, you are all crazy! Thank you SO MUCH :D
You make me so excited. I am almost certain there WON'T be more slots- but in case there are, I will reupdate and republish this journal so everyone gets a new crack at it. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOODS

As Black Friday approaches, again it is time for:
Deltastic Holiday Discount Commissions!!!
It's the most wonderfuuulll tiiiime of the yeeeaaarrrrr~!

I know you've been all waiting, so don't let me stop you! This year, due to my crazed busyness, there are very limited slots! And as always, it's all first come first serve! Drop me a note to snag a spot- commenting won't secure one! Also, slots will be open until December 15th or until all slots fill, whichever comes first! That way all these are guaranteed to get to you by Christmas. So go my pretties, goooo~!

Back by popular demand!

Fullbody Sketch Example by Del-Borovic Fullbody Sketch Baklava by Del-Borovic Fullbody Sketch Joey by Del-Borovic
Full body sketch of one character. Must provide references (either pictures or written description). Original characters loved <3<3 Rate is per-character up to two per-person. Special Offer: This time only- you can get a traditional sketch mailed to you! Have a real piece of paper to hold in your grimy little paws. Add $5 for USA Shipping, $10 for International Shipping. If choosing traditional, can receive full body sketch or more detailed portrait sketch on request.

Sketch Slots FULL.
1- :bulletblack: ange-face PAID - FIN
2- :bulletblack: Alerane PAID - FIN
3- :bulletblack: gilmarion x2 PAID - FIN
4- :bulletblack: Pipperin PAID - FIN
5- :bulletblack: Murphface x2 PAID - FIN
6- :bulletblack: MimiruSeptimus PAID - FIN
7- :bulletblack: TotalObelisk [trad] PAID - FIN
8- :bulletblack: WriterOfStuff x3 PAID - FIN
9- :bulletblack: DeadGP [trad] x2 PAID - FIN
0- :bulletblack: whiteless PAID - FIN

HC: Edmund by Del-Borovic you think -you're- a man by Del-Borovic Holiday Portraits 09 by Del-Borovic
Portrait/Bust-up of one character. Must provide references (either pictures or written description). Can request overall color scheme/background color. Original characters loved <3<3

Portrait Slots FULL.
1- :bulletblack: ange-face PAID - FIN
2- :bulletblack: painted-bees PAID - FIN
3- :bulletblack: Dwenda PAID - FIN
4- :bulletblack: Bladewyvern PAID - FIN
5- :bulletblack: SarielSoltide PAID - FIN
6- :bulletblack: TheCrowchan PAID - FIN

Well. by Del-Borovic HC: Rellik VS Nani by Del-Borovic HC: Daemon + Synclair by Del-Borovic HC: Aratech by Del-Borovic
Comic Page including lettering and light toning! May include up to 6 panels per page and up to 3 characters. Must provide comic script or outline with dialogue. Rate is per page, up to 2.

Disclaimer: comic pages generally take longer to finish because of the amount of time required. Please be patient! This is the only commission type not guaranteed by Christmas.

Comic Slots FULL.
1- :bulletgreen: PhantomSeptember pending
2- :bulletgreen: UncleKasu pending
3- :bulletblack: Scribbleykins PAID - FIN

special peeps who have pages already:
Caretaker-of-Myth 3p PAID - waiting info
Teloka 1p PAID - waiting info

All payments to me through PayPal!  If you're interested, please drop drop me a note with the header "Holiday Art" (or something similar) that you'd like a slot and where at! I will get back to you ASAP and add you to the list. There may be some lag due to Thanksgiving happening, but I will get back to you!

I will give you my PayPal address, and after you give full payment and your references I will begin work on your image! Once I finish you will be sent a full resolution JPG file of your image, for your personal printing. All of my usual commission stipulations apply.

Sale will continue until December 15th or until all slots fill. These are THE ONLY SLOTS that will be offered. Nothing extra after these fill- I just don't have the time!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Not what you're looking for?

You can always get whatever you so desire with one of my normal commissions! Full information and specs here:…, as always, check out the Deltastic stores for more Del-related merchandise: &…

Thanks, as always, for your patronage, guys!!!

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