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The Legendary Meeting

Yay! more legendary pokemon!

Since I did Xerneas last time.. I thought.. maybe I need to do Yveltal too. But I'm not a bit Yveltal fan. So I painted both! :)
After studying Yveltal I actually started to like him/her/it! Although the tail is a bit odd, the whole design is actually pretty cool!

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4 A5
Some 3-4 days.. random times.
Reference pictures of the legendaries + some lakes in Alaska.

I hope you like it!

EDIT: Here is the FullHD version for a desktop wallpaper if anyone wants...

EDIT2: mr. CrazyDogKicker had an awesome idea that I could add some minor details into this... like a magikarp in the river/lake + some pidgeys in the sky! I might do that some day! :)
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I once saw a Magicarp that was thiiiiiiiiiiiis big!
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And it was holding an everstone!
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This is epic! Love your work!!
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Thank you very much!! :)) I'm happy! ^^
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That bat dude like

"Wassup Bruh!"
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Xerneas is not in a very good mood hehe :D
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Yveltal: Xerny! I love you this much! C'mere give me a BIG hug you epic deer!
Xerneas: I'm not falling for that. You'll just squeeze too hard.
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hahah :) Yepp!! :) ^^
I originally imagined sorta that Yveltal has just landed on the cliff and his "wings" were still spread apart :)
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hahah sooo a SUPER THANK YOU to you!! :)) I'm glad
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I'm assuming you didn't give this person permission to post your work.
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Omg thank you! No, I did not give permission.. Now I notified him/her! :/
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This is incredible! Amazing work! :clap:
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Thank you very much!! ^^ I worked hard on it :)
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hahah Thanksss!! :wave: ^^
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Yveltal is a boy at least in my world.
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"YO! I saw this fish...and it was THIS BIG!"
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hehe yep :)) I wish I'd find a wallet that big )
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This is incredible piece of artwork, and its so lifelike. The environment really reminded me of Washington state, as I have lived in Kitsap Peninsula for seven years and have frequently been to the Olympic Peninsula.

Didn't know that you were referencing Alaska though until I read the description. XD.
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