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Kalos region Air Force

People wanted a Latias version of LatioSU-31? BAM!
People wanted a manned version of LatioSU-31? BAM!
Extra fictional aircraft? Kyogre in air? BAM!
Full on Kalos region theme in celebration of X/Y? BAM! (French text on Kyogre + french airforce flag on it as well + a little part of Kalos region map down there)

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4 A5
1 day 3D modeling and designing 2 days painting
Some reference of jet fighters

FullHD resolution. Enjoy.
Streamed almost entire process on my Livestream.

F*ck me.. I just realised after sleeping over this painting that my original idea was much more fitting. "Hoenn region Air Force" and that these would fly over sea... SEA! Damn! Maybe I should re-paint the background.. :/

EDIT: I added some making-of pictures to my blog!…
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Still love it to this day

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That's fits perfectly, considering their bodies strongly resemble jets.

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remonds me of the cover artwork for Asia's album 'Aqua' by Rodney matthews

Dekus's avatar

Pretty cool:)Thank you :)

neonmewtwo21's avatar

You’re welcome ^^

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Thank you very much:) :))

MANTARAY-22's avatar
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hehe Thank you very much:) :)) I have this printed out in huge size right above my PC hanging right now :D

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That Kyogre themed AWACS gives me an Ace Combat 6 vibe with it's design. Very cool. 
Dekus's avatar
hehe thank you very much!!! :))) I only played AC2 and a demo of AC3. I love AC2 sooo much!
Spudtron98's avatar
Goddamn, do you need to get back into the series. Emulation for 4, 5, 0, AC6 is Xbox exclusive and doesn't emulate well so you might want to find that physically, and 7 is a masterpiece.
berrypass's avatar
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hehe I have a huge poster on my wall of this right over my pc monitor :D
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Génial la référence avec Latias et Latios !!!!
Awesome the reference with Latias and Latios !!!

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hehe thank youu! :D
SMM9673's avatar
This is genuinely amazing. I'd give it a rating on a scale of one to ten, but the scale's broken. Now I have to buy a new one.
Dekus's avatar
ahahhahh use the infinite scale! B) 

Thank you very much!! I have this printed really big on my wall :)
ShinobiDigidestined's avatar
Interested in a REAL challenge?
Dekus's avatar
Mmmm Only if it truly sparks my imagination beyond anything else! :D haha
ShinobiDigidestined's avatar
How does a pair of space fleets where an Eon Class Super Carrier carries roughly five Pidgeot class carriers on its form, and each of THOSE carrying two of the next class down on THEIR wings, one on each side in the shape of Noctowls. I've got a few ideas for the fighters as well, mainly Talonflame, Swellow and Starraptors for various combat uses but Wingull/Fearow for reconnaissance and bomber duties. I've even got a zoid/pokemon hybrid idea for ground tanks and troop transport.
Dekus's avatar
A Talonflame fighter jet could be cool.. red and black.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ShinobiDigidestined's avatar
Well, honestly, I think if you do do any of this idea, your biggest challenge will be the land units. So many high speed mon to choose from (Or slow ones, a Gastrodon style Mammoth would make one hell of a mobile command center), but I think it would be very hard to make a Luxray scout properly articulated to move both steadily and fast.
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